For Clinicians

For Technologists

For XII(Sci) Graduates

For Clinicians

For Technologists

Fetal Medicine

Fetal ECHO – Basics (1 Day)

Comprehensive learning experience that demonstrates ultrasound practitioners imaging and diagnosis of fetal cardiac abnormalities

Critical Care

Spirometry & Lung Protective Ventilation Strategies (1 Day)

A training program for anesthetists to present the practice and principles of spirometry and lung protection

Basics in Ventilation (1 Day)

A training program for entry-level anesthetists to demonstrate and perform different types of ventilation techniques

Advanced Ventilation (1.5 Days)

A training program for experienced anesthetists to learn and practice lung protection techniques and complex procedures

Principles and Practices of Low Flow Anesthesia (1 Day)

Anesthetists learn concepts of low flow techniques and application for the right patient and chemical combinations


Excellence in Newborn care (1 Day)

A training program for nurses to provide high-quality care to neonates.

Leadership and Management

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare (1 Day)

A training program to help healthcare operations staff improve processes and reduce costs / time.

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals (2 Days)

A training program for operations and non-finance staff to understand the basics of finance.

Change Acceleration Process(3 Days)

A program for leaders to initiate & implement change in organizations.

Excellence in Patient Relation(1 Day)

A program for all frontline staff to improve their handling and management of patients.