GE Healthcare Institute offers skill development training to Healthcare Professionals. You can choose from a range of disciplines: Radiology, Cardiology, Nursing, etc. Get details and sign up now!

Why join GEHCI?

 •Certificate from GEHCI - improve career prospects 
 •Hands-on training on equipment 
 •Industry experts as faculty 

Upcoming Courses Schedule (July 2016)

Thane Chandigarh Chennai Delhi
19th :
Principles & Practice of LowFlow Anesthesia
10th :
 Excellence in patient Relations
21th & 22nd :
Lean Six Sigma
16th & 17th :
MRI Post Processing
30th & 31st :
 Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
11th & 12th :
23rd & 24th :
CT Post Processing - Basic

30th & 31st :
CT Post Processing - Advanced


Collaborators & Locations

Collaborators Locations
Manipal Manipal
Mahajan Imaging Noida
SEHPL Chennai
HED North East
IL&FS Skills Ahmedabad