OnWatchTM predictive technology helps you avoid unplanned downtime by constantly monitoring key equipment parameters, system’s error log & system’s status. Automated fault recognition algorithms then analyse and help predict potential issues enabling them to be solved even before they may occur.

Benefits of OnWatch:
•Helps improve patient care by minimizing rescheduling of scans due to unplanned downtime

•Optimises productivity by replacing unplanned downtime with planned downtime

•Streamlines operations by minimizing unplanned workflow disruptions that impact daily operations performance


Proactive services

ePMS Proactive Service: A remote service that periodically monitors and reports on the health of the equipment.

QA Tests: Accurate Quality Assurance (QA) Tests ensure that GE Healthcare’s radiation equipment like CT, X-Ray and Catheterisation Laboratories comply with AERB guidelines, giving you peace of mind that your equipment meets the guidelines and required specifications.

Integrated Monitoring System (IMS): The system monitors the environment and relays real time alerts for any deviations, thus improving equipment performance and uptime.


Support services

Remote Support: GE Healthcare Service has built an experienced team of online engineers who provide technical support almost in ~ 5 minutes of our customer contacting the Customer care center. This team solves almost a third of the calls remotely, thus driving reduced equipment downtime.

Field Engineers: A team of skilled Field Engineers, located across regions reduce our response time to service issues.

Parts: Investment in a robust, delivery infrastructure, backed by warehouses in most of the cities for delivery of maximum parts within 24 hours.


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