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Break Free from non-productivity and revenue loss with InSite. Guard your hospital against machine downtime, schedule going awry and revenue loss by connecting quickly to the expert.

Productivity Partner

7 reasons why InSite™ is your Productivity Enabler  

1. Reduces downtime with 24/7 remote accessRemote connection to your healthcare equipment enables us to  monitor them 24X7 using Digital tools; from updating software, recalibrating the equipment to catching intermittent faults,  GE engineers can diagnose and fix issues remotely.  

2. Predictive care with OnWatch™ InSite OnWatch™ facilitates technical problem prediction – such as coil failures, chiller issues or environmental conditions. If an on-site repair is required, a GE service engineer will arrive already armed with in-depth knowledge of the problem and equipped to solve it quickly.  

3. Access to GE Engineers with iLinq™ With one touch of the imaging workstation iLinq™ button, your staff can request service and support, track equipment utilization and communicate live with a GE Healthcare personnel.  

4. Education and real time Applications support AppsLinq™ enables real-time applications support and training in partnership with remote console observation and shared system control by the GE trainers.  

5. ePMS Prevent potential downtime through regular ePMS that is done without impacting your scan schedule. This enables proactive identification of errors, software management and image data management among other activities.  

6. Enabling decision making with data and analytics iCenter™ provides interactive, individualized performance indicators; with all the facts at fingertips, one can make decisions concerning the operational management of equipment and the clinical activity of the imaging department quickly.  

7. Secure and safe InSite™ consists of multiple infrastructures designed to enable connectivity while maximizing security protection between GE Healthcare and your network ensuring confidential handling of patient healthcare information.

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The power of InSite

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Case studies

Preventing Revenue Loss

Precision (Medall), Chennai - “The Remote Services team was able to minimize downtime for our CT system through their broadband based system.                         Click here to read more>>>

Mastel Imaging & Research Center, Varanasi – Lightspeed VCT. “The Remote Service team, using the broadband based service platform was able to quickly solve the issue for us!”   Click here to read more>>>

Preventing Downtime

Narayana Hrudayalaya**, Jaipur  - 1.5 T Signa HDi 15M4A MRI System. "The broadband based Remote services tools ensured extremely fast turnaround for our problem." Click here to read more>>>

Lucid Diagnostics**, Bangalore - CT LightSpeed Ultra - “The Remote Services team was able to resolve our issue within 15 minutes, ensuring minimum downtime and no loss of productivity for us.”                  Click here to read more>>>

Preventing Loss in Productivity

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore - 1.5 T Signa HDxT MRI System - “The Remote services team delivered extremely fast turnaround for our problem. Our productivity was not hampered as we did not have to reschedule patients".  Click here to read more>>>


A support that never sleeps

  • Reduce system failures that are predictable
  • Minimize workflow disruption in case of anticipated system malfunctions
  • Provide information on how the system operates and performs
  • Deliver peace of mind and more confidence in the GE equipment

Download MR OnWatch Case study


Accessible, Convenient, Quick.

Request applications and receive quick response from technical experts, all at the touch of an onscreen button with GE-exclusive iLinq* service.

iLinq Diagnostic helps you:

  • Answer critical questions. 
  • Solve system problems. 
  • Keep your technologists productive.