Service Environments

GE Healthcare’s service environments were designed to meet the needs associated with the use of a broad range of imaging devices.
Each environment offers the appropriate balance of maintenance and service elements to best fit your expectations while using your GE equipment.

Peace of Mind


A secure environment

The Protecta environment offers what is essential to patient and staff safety, while guaranteeing the smooth operation of your equipment.

Our promise:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Safety for patients and staff
  • Protecta


    A controlled environment

    The Harmony environment facilitates a controlled utilization of your imaging department resources. Harmony ensures high system availability and helps you sustain a high level of activity.

    Our promise:

    • Excellent system availability
    • Very high image quality
    • Fast and effective technical support
    • Access to operational performance options


    An optimized environment

    The Serenity environment fosters the optimum use of all your department’s resources and helps you reach the highest level of productivity, excellence and performance.

    Our promise:

    • Optimization of all resources: people, systems, processes
    • Privileged access to technical and application support
    • Excellent image quality
    • Access to the latest digital service technologies and continuous education solutions.