Uptime Optimisation

GE Healthcare Service helps increase uptime by constantly monitoring the equipment through a combination of digital tools, a team of skilled engineers and a robust parts infrastructure.

Uptime optimisation engages innovative digital tools like:

OnWatch predictive technology helps avoid unplanned downtime by constantly monitoring multiple equipment parameters and raising an alert if any factor varies from pre-set configurations.

Proactive services like ePMS, QA tests and IMS help monitor environment and provide report on the health of equipment and site, thereby help avoid unplanned downtime.

Support services include a team of online engineers, field engineers and parts delivery network that help resolve issues remotely, provide onsite support and ensure a quick turnaround time with respect to parts delivery.

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People Optimisation

Investing in building the capability of your team is critical in taking their performance to the next level.

GE Healthcare has invested in the creation of Health Care Institutes across the country to use education in optimising asset utilisation & driving customer outcomes.

Courses are offered in four categories:
Product applications training:
For technicians with the objective of improving asset utilisation to drive both productivity & quality of scans. Digital tools like AppsLinq* provide remote applications support when needed. Tip-ED Online* videos help in imparting training at the convenience of the technicians.

Clinical/ medical education: Aimed at clinicians and nursing staff, these courses are a mix of theory & hands-on practicals, taken by experienced faculty, to sharpen existing knowledge.

Workflow & workforce development: Courses aimed at creating a workforce capable to meet the challenging needs of radiology.

Technical training: For the bio-medical teams, these technical trainings help build capability in both theory, operation and performing Level-1 troubleshooting.

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Data Optimisation

GE Healthcare Service offers users dashboards that extract intelligent insights from data to take better decisions.

These dashboards give you access to valuable reports on:

•Equipment uptime
•Number of service calls closed < 24 hours
•Service response time to customer calls
•Installed base of all GE Healthcare equipment with customer with aging and contract status
•The number of repeat calls received for the same equipment within 90 days
•Calendar for Planned Maintenance Schedule (PMS)
•Quarterly reporting on PMS adherence

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