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The Voluson™ E10 with our Radiance System Architecture delivers excellence in OB/GYN imaging with more clarity, more speed and more flexibility*.  As a result, you can have extraordinary confidence in your ability to:

• Image a comprehensive range of complex issues

• Assess fetal health from the early stages

• Increase workflow efficiency and productivity

OmniView applied to the uterus
    HDlive Silhouette exposing early 
    bone development

 HDlive Flow presents vascular
 structures with greater clarity
 (compared to conventional
 colour Doppler or HD-Flow)
    High Frequency Imaging with
    RIC6-12 transducer - fetal brain

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Voluson and HDlive are trademarks of General Electric Company or one of its subsidiaries.

*Compared to Voluson BT’13.