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By combining the proven breadth and performance of the Vivid* product line with the cSound* powerful, software-based beamformer image reconstruction platform, the Vivid S60 takes ultrasound to a whole new level – delivering excellent image quality at an affordable price.

Compared to many conventional scanners, the system acquires more information up front, achieving consistent data across a wide variety of patients while enabling many valuable quantification tools and workflow enhancements that support efficient and confident diagnosis.

Among the many ways Vivid S60 with cSound performance elevates patient care:

  • Excellent visualization quality in 2D, color flow, and Doppler
  • Excellent spatial resolution and detail
  • New capabilities including automated quantification of the LV


Faced with diverse body types and complex medical issues, many conventional ultrasound systems too often yield non-diagnostic exams that may hinder the efficiency of coordinated care. Recognizing this challenge, GE has taken cardiovascular ultrasound to a higher level with a new imaging platform called cSound*.


Crisp imaging. Deep views.

Experience the exceptional 2D image quality powered by cSound*’s advanced, software-based image reconstruction and graphics. Additionally, view detailed images of the heart for assessment and diagnoses in the echo lab.

Adult Echo Color Doppler

Adult Echo Color Doppler - The 3Sc phased array cardiac probe combines acoustic amplifier technology and an advanced heat dissipation regime to provide ultra-wide bandwith and high-end image quality.

B Flow

B-Flow is a digital imaging technique that provides real-time visualization of vascular hemodynamics using techniques to boost blood echoes.

Neonatal Head Imaging

Neonatal Head Imaging - Optimized for the neonatal head, the 6S-D provides excellent resolution and penetration.


Define treatments

Quantification with Vivid* S60 is all about helping providers evaluate and address cardiovascular issues. Count on a full suite of simple, intuitive tools to support your work.

Auto EF

Auto EF - Based on a 2D-speckle tracking algorithm, assists in measuring the most commonly used parameter to describe the LV function

Automated Function Imaging (AFI)

Automated Function Imaging (AFI) - Assess and quantify left ventricular wall motion at rest, calculating a large set of parameters.

2D IMT Measurement

2D IMT Measurement is fully integrated with the measurement package, worksheet, archiving and reporting functions to help support uninterrupted workflow.

Anatomical M-Mode

Anatomical M-Mode helps you make on-axis measurements, even in non-standard planes, and also supports the LV wall-motion assessment in apical views.


Streamlining your exams

Vivid* S60 with cSound* performance empowers your team with a variety of efficient tools. You’ll find it easy to achieve consistent information across a wide variety of patients. And how tools like the ability to quantify wall motion abnormalities can help you diagnose. You’ll also appreciate the simple tablet-like experience of the Image Manager and configurable interface.

User Interface

User Interface - You’ll feel right at home with the full touch panel functionality and easily configurable interface.

Smart Stress

SmartStress - A stress package with memory buffer offers pharmaceutical, treadmill and bicycle stress exam protocols, with user-configurable templates and shuffle mode.


Designed for reliability and ease of use

Doctor next to Vivid E90

  • Flex Fit – Adjust control panel and monitor for comfort and convenience
  • Easy mobility with smart standby
  • Small footprint
  • 12.1" touch screen
  • 19" LED monitor with articulating arm


Image and Measurement Transfer

  • Raw data and all measurements (including customized) from Vivid™ Systems
  • DICOM** and public DICOM SR from 3rd party

EchoPac Post- Processing

  • Full access to GE raw data
  • Access to all Vivid measurement tools
  • Review, post -process, and measure using AFI, Wall Motion Scoring, etc.

Image Management

  • Store and review cine loops and static images
  • Measure
  • Annotate
  • Export
  • Send to/Retrieve from Long Term Storage


  • Create clean, comprehensive, easy-to-read reports
  • Complete reports faster with quick report templates
  • Report templates for TTE, TEE, Stress, Vascular

Ultrasound Vivid E95 product image

IT Integration

  • HIS Interface (HL7)
  • Patient Data
  • Orders
  • EMR Interface (HL7)
  • Report Text
  • Formatted report (Adobe PDF**)
  • PACS Interface (DICOM)
  • Export
  • Long term Archive


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