The LOGIQ™ P9 is easy to use and enables fast exams through customizable user workflow and productivity tools. It’s the choice for a Personalized, Patient-centric and Practical ultrasound system.


Make it easy

Make it easy to operate the system. To acquire diagnostic images. To access features and applications. To take on a busy schedule. To receive support. And, make it easy to afford.


Introducing the LOGIQ™ P9 ultrasound system from GE Healthcare – a general imaging system designed for quick diagnostic exploration and full schedules.


Whether the need is immediate triage or a comprehensive exam, you can rely on the budget friendly LOGIQ™ P9 system to provide the consistent image quality, comprehensive application coverage, and ease of use that enable clinicians to make timely, confident decisions.




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Personalized...to help you customize your workflow

The key to the system's simplicity is intuitive console controls and a personalized digital user interface called My Page. This innovative GE Healthcare feature enables  you to customize workflow preferences and populate the large touch screen with use case presets you designate including:

• Measurements                 • Body patterns

• Comments                        • Functions

With My Page. there are no extra controls  to slow you down. Simply log in, select the appropriate exam type, and you are ready  to begin scanning. Additional user defined  keys help you quickly access most often used features. Easy to learn  and use. the LOGIQ™ P9 supports high efficiency for busy schedules.


Patient-centric...to help you provide excellent patient care

The LOGIQ™ P9 supports your diagnostic confidence across a wide range of patient exams.

Provide high quality diagnosis

  • Excellent image quality  with minimal tweaking required
  • Superb B-Mode spatial and contrast resolution

Address various clinical needs

  • Wide selection of high quality probes  for excellent exam coverage including abdominal. small parts, vascular. cardiac. musculoskeletal and OB/GYN imaging

Apply advanced imaging tools

  • Utilize advanced imaging  tools when you need them including B-Fiow'", 30/40, Elastography, Stress Echo. TVI/TVD, and CEUS 1




Practical...a smart choice for usability and investment value

The LOGIQ™ P9 system easily adjusts to your working style, preferences and variable needs throughout your workday.

Designed for user comfort and easy workflow

  • Large 21.5 inch monitor and accessible 10.4 inch touchscreen
  • Simple operating panel design with fewer physical keys 2
  • Fully articulating arm4  with up/down/swivel
  • Compact, lightweight design to accommodate small spaces and offers enhanced mobility including wireless LAN and Power Assistant battery operation
  • Digital TGC and digital keyboard 3
  • Windows® 7 operating system with 64 bit computing

Increase exam speed and efficiency

  • Automated tools help provide fast exams including  Auto Image Optimization, Auto IMT. AutoEF, Measure Assistant, Compare Assistant and Scan Assistant

Easy access to support

  • My Trainer, on-board training modules. help accelerate operationaI confidence
  • LOGIQ Club website offers educational resources to help optimize system utilization
  • Purchasable service agreement options4 including  remote service capabilities such as remote 'system diagnostics' and 'software downloads' support equipment uptime



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