Compact design to fit every environment

A compact design equipped with single or dual high-luminance 19" flat-screen monitors makes the OEC Fluorostar 7900. Compact a first option for confined operating rooms and a true clinically versatile product eliminating the need for a separate monitor cart. The compact design maximizes space around the surgical table and brings imaging excellence into smaller operating spaces to provide strong return on investment.

Modular flexibility to meet your needs 

Fluorostar brings a unique plug and play design offering several configurations to fit all access needs in the ORs. Choose up to 4 screen configurations thanks to the compact Monitor Cart option. Its small footprint and lightweight design allows users to easily maneuver in and out of operating theatres, emergency rooms and private clinics.  

Value & Versatility

The OEC Fluorostar can address a broad range of clinical applications where you need it. From the ER, OR, ICU, bronchoscopy lab, to surgery centers, or doctors offices, you can leverage the strength and clinical versatility of the compact quality system.