GE Healthcare offers a complete solution, which is capable, safe and reliable, when it comes to cardiac care.

OEC 9900 ECL, an integrated solution for interventional cardiac care, can redefine your possibilities to improve outcomes.

Using state-of-the-art GE Healthcare technologies, the OEC 9900 ECL improves functionality, safety and reliability, well within your budget and space.

GE Healthcare has created the perfect cost effective solution: OEC 9900 imaging system with complimentary products, such as imaging tables, overhead monitors and image review station.

The OEC 9900 ECL solution can be powered from standard wall outlets. It is designed to address your daily challenges, ensuring improved image quality, flexibility, reliability and ease of access, while controlling scatter radiation.

GE Healthcare’s proven and patented Dynamic Range Management (DRM) brings you precision imaging that enhances the contrast of blood vessels over an anatomical background, to produce superb images at low doses. It automatically adjusts to an anatomical size and location, and provides uniform image quality throughout the image.

The OEC 9900 MD employs a unique battery buffer-boost technology and heat pipe cooling design to deliver the desired X-ray run time for advanced cardiovascular applications.

Plug and play simplicity: single phase power
and only 6KVA power requirement

Ease of set up with minimal civil work compared to conventional fixed cath labs

Low overall product cost and running cost compared to conventional fixed cath labs

Mobility facilitates usage in multiple settings like ER and OR in case of emergency

Patented Heat Pipe Technology enabling advanced cardiovascular applications


Enhanced Imaging
Dynamic Range Management (DRM) ensures precision imaging at a low dose. It automatically adjusts to an anatomical size and location, and provides uniform image quality throughout the image.

Enhanced Viability

  • Low installation cost and time 
  • Low running costs 
  • Low power requirement and consumption 

Enhanced Access

  • Super C structure provides easy access for femoral and radial interventions
  • Flexibility of monitor positioning ensures better viewing and ease during procedures
  • 4 way floating cardiovascular table facilitates easy panning and  positioning
  • Concealed cabling ensures easy access and transfers

Enhanced Procedure Safety

  • Table-side mounted lead shields provide efficient shielding 
  • Online dose monitoring, display and dose summaries 

Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Full system, online UPS for enhanced operational efficiency 
  • Up to 30 minutes of entire system power backup.

Complete Solution

  • OEC 9900 Motorized C-arm 
  • OEC 9900 ECL Workstation 
  • Physiological Monitor* 
  • Radiation Protection* 
  • CA 1000 Clinical Review and Reporting Workstation* 
  • In-room Display* 
  • Cardiovascular Table*

*options / accessories – refer to your sales representative

Clinical Images

Right Coronary Artery Left Coronary Artery Left Coronary Artery Coronary Bypass Graft Angio
Spider View Left Coronary Artery (RAO/CAU) Aortic Arch DSA Lower Limb Angio
Carotid Artery DSA 4 Vessel Angiogram Rt. ICA in AP View ICA Carotid Artery Post Angioplasty Sten
Abdominal Aorta Angio Renal DSA Bilateral Renal DSA ERCP
Dose summary CAG Dose summary PCI


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