Brivo XR285amx is a simple and reliable analog mobile x-ray system designed to give you just what you need at the point of care when it’s not safe or practical to move your patient. Based on our revolutionary AMX family of X-ray systems, you’ll see some of the same enhancements found on our digital systems, including:

  • More power in a compact design
  • 24/7 availability, no boot-up required
  • Automatic charging
  • Improved storage
Optima storage.


Brivo XR285amx was designed, in part, from the suggestions of technologists, physicians and administrators.  

Downsized and Downright Powerful
Smaller than its predecessor, Brivo XR285amx contains a more powerful generator.  

24/7 Availability
Brivo XR285amx remains on standby and is ready to work even while charging. No boot-up is required.  

Uninterrupted Work
Thanks to “Smart Charge” automatic-charging algorithms, you can recharge Brivo XR285amx and continue taking exposures.  

Work Simply, Quickly
Optima Brivo XR285amx offers an intuitive touchscreen that helps simplify operations.  

Easy to Clean
Brivo XR285amx is designed with a surface that will help your staff save time cleaning it.  

Storage, Storage, Storage
Brivo XR285amx contains additional storage, giving your staff a place to store tape, pens, wipes, markers, and more in roomy storage trays.  

Patient-Friendly Look
You can enhance the appearance of Brivo XR285amx by adding optional cover designs featuring pleasing artwork for a touch of humanity.


The Brivo XR285amx is a self-contained battery operated mobile x-ray imaging system designed for performing radiographic exams at the point of care when it is not safe or practical to move the patient to the radiographic room.

Brivo XR285amx is suited for routine radiographic procedures within a hospital including radiology departments, intensive care units, cardiac care units, emergency departments, operating rooms, orthopedics, pediatrics, hospital rooms and clinics.