Effectively address and overcome daily imaging challenges with the GE Optima* XR646—a digital radiography system featuring the FlashPad* wireless detector.

With the Optima XR646, technologists can feel good about the easy, efficient exams they conduct knowing their patients are comfortable, their radiologists are confident, and their facilities are competitive.  

  • Position yourself for an easier experience.
  • Extend your performance. Clinically. Efficiently. Financially. 
  • See the excellence in every study.

Technologist's Benefits

Position yourself for an easier experience.

Set up exams quickly and confidently. Position patients and devices fast and flexibly. Edit images and transfer exams easily and effortlessly. Keep patients comfortable and cared for. At every step of every exam, the Optima* XR646 is designed to simplify, shorten, and bring more satisfaction to every technologist’s workday.

Simplify exams in a Flash.

  • Do more with your X-ray system thanks to the powerful functionality of FlashPad, GE’s durable, reliable, next-generation wireless digital detector.  
  • Position the wireless FlashPad detector with maximum ease, flexibility, and freedom, thanks to its convenient square shape and two handles for a secure grip.  
  • Easily cover large anatomies and accommodate many anatomical combinations with the large, 41 cm x 41 cm (16.14 in x 16.14 in) FlashPad detector. 
  • Position a knee, ankle, or foot easily and quickly with the mobile detector holder accessory.
  • Ensuring exact source-to-image distance is critical whatever the position. Auto-tracking automatically aligns the tube and detector to ensure source-to-image distance is correct while positioning adjustments are made. This may reduce the chance of retakes and speeds up your workflow.

Full speed ahead

  • Preview images in less than 3 seconds to instantly evaluate image quality and help avoid retakes.  
  • See full images in 10 seconds to work more efficiently, reduce bottlenecks, and minimize patient wait times.  
  • Switch back and forth between the workstation’s keyboard and touch screen interface as you choose during exams.
  • Print multiple images on one sheet to give each patient his or her entire exam on a single page.

Flex your efficiency.

  • Move the table in 8 different directions for greater flexibility during exams.
  • Image an ankle or foot quickly and easily with the patient standing rather than lying on the table thanks to the 1.8-m (5.9-ft) vertical travel range of the overhead tube suspension, which puts the OTS as low as just 17 cm (6.7 in) from the floor. 
  • Combining a large table top, 93 x 240 cm (37 in x 94 inch) with the long, 85 cm (33.5-in) horizontal detector travel range in the table housing enables full radiographic coverage with minimal patient movement.

Everything at your fingertips

  • Display an entire group of preset field-of-view selections—in either portrait or landscape views, with all images centered on the detector—on the intuitive, straightforward touchscreen user interface located on the overhead tube suspension.

A wide range of patient sizes and ages.

  • Image large patients with greater comfort and convenience on the spacious, 240-cm x 93-cm (94.5-in x 36.6-in) tabletop.  
  • Make it easy for children and elderly, wheelchair, or impaired patients to get on and off the table with low vertical positioning just 50 cm (19.7 in) off the floor.  
  • Accommodate patients weighing up to 320 kg (705 lbs) with the table’s high weight capacity, and conveniently move the elevating table up and down while moving the table top for fine positioning.

Expert support always on hand.

  • With Appslinq1, get live application support from a clinical expert over the phone and through your equipment console. 
  • Our remote experts can help solve procedural issues in real time—as you encounter them. 
  • No more distance: these clinical experts see exactly what you see on your screen and can even “take your hand” to personally show you how to navigate the imaging system faster and more efficiently. 
  • It’s as good as having an expert sitting alongside you when you are trying to deal with a problem such as an unexpected error message.

Hospital's Benefits

Extend your performance. Clinically. Efficiently. Financially.

The Optima* XR646 is designed to help you improve, enhance, or increase your imaging operation. Like your productivity and uptime. Your clinical breadth and capacity. Your reputation and competitiveness. Your staff satisfaction and time with patients. And your patient satisfaction and referrals.

Grow your reputation and boost your business.

  • Invest in the proven legacy and exceptional imaging and low-dose performance with GE’s no-compromise FlashPad digital detector— the first wireless detector available in a system in this price segment. 
  • Use GE’s proven, proprietary advanced applications to gain easy, instant access to greater confidence in areas of clinical uncertainty, in ways that help you work fast and productively. 
  • Help attract referrals and extend the breadth of your clinical capabilities with the Auto Image Paste.

Diversify your detector.

  • Share the GE FlashPad wireless detector among all of your compatible GE X-ray products (including mobile systems) for added productivity. 
  • Minimize the risk of detector glass breakage and the need for replacement with the protection of GE’s patented cushioning system and carbon graphite materials.

Accelerate your workflow.

  • Boost technologists’ efficiency through live access to expert application support via AppsLinq*. 
  • Users of the AppsLinq program report a great level of satisfaction: they were able to acquire more diagnostic data while reducing examination time. 
  • This higher level of productivity and clinical excellence helped increase the number of daily appointments and serve a greater number of patients without any change in operations. 
  • With AppsLinq, you also get training lessons on your own terms to accelerate the acquisition of new skills for your staff. 

Turn data into dose efficiency.

  • DEI (Detector Exposure Index) represents the ratio of the received exposure at the detector surface and the predefined expected exposure. DEI gives you the ability to monitor variance in image quality and dose, and determine “dose creep” for fixed techniques. But it also provides the ability to determine average dose by anatomy, view, and patient size. 
  • Dose data can also be used to establish consistency in protocols and standardize image quality room to room and site to site.

Up your time.

  • Minimize downtime by instantly connecting your system with a GE digital services expert fully qualified to resolve any issues—often remotely— on the spot via GE’s InSite remote service. 
  • Send an E-message to a technical expert any time (24/7) directly from the console. Jobs are automatically opened in our system with efficient registration by using the right system ID. No need to reach the call center; your message is received directly by a technical expert. 
  • Ensure any necessary onsite repairs are completed quickly by having a GE service engineer arrive with intimate knowledge of the problem and well equipped to solve it.

Extend your options.

  • Maximize the flexibility of your system in the ICU or trauma department with the 12-meter-long overhead tube suspension rails that can help simplify patient access in emergency situations.

Maintain, plan, perform.

  • iCenter1 is an asset maintenance and management internet application—available to you 24/7. This software provides data and analytics on asset status, maintenance history, utilization, location, and planning. The goal of iCenter1 is to help improve decision-making and support improved hospital operations.

Trust our track record

  • Capitalize on GE’s 125 years in imaging— with decades of experience in X-ray alone— by doing business with a proven company delivering proven technology, in a relationship you can count on to last.

Clinical Benefits

See the excellence in every study.

The Optima* XR646’s striking image quality is designed to support accurate diagnoses, confident decisions, patient satisfaction, and frequent referrals. Use GE’s proven, proprietary advanced applications to gain easy, instant access to greater confidence in areas of clinical uncertainty, in ways that help you work fast and productively. Help attract referrals and extend the breadth of your clinical capabilities with the Auto Image Paste.

Make your first decision the right one.

  • Obtain detailed images in every exam with GE’s proven, no-compromise FlashPad wireless digital detector. 
  • Boost your clinical confidence thanks to FlashPad’s ability to acquire multiple images in less than a second—enabling it to deliver advanced applications such as Auto Image Paste. 
  • From tube to detector, the entire image chain is designed by GE for greater imaging efficiency, with continual investment in new technology to make it even more efficient.

Put more detail into your decisions.

  • 68% DQE at 0 LP/mm delivers highly detailed images to support your diagnostic accuracy and clinical confidence. 
  • Eliminate blind zones when imaging thanks to FlashPad’s single-panel, non-tiled construction. 
  • The high-end Cesium Iodide (Csl) scintillator optimizes light channeling to produce high-quality images at a low X-ray exposure to the patient.
  • Reap the substantial image quality and low-dose benefits of GE’s proprietary image chain— with all components manufactured, integrated, and optimized solely by GE for seamless, exceptional performance.

Auto Image Paste - Get seamless long-bone or full spine images in one fast, low-dose exam.

Auto Image Paste automatically acquires multiple overlapping images of larger anatomy such as the entire spine at the wall stand. Images are automatically combined into one high–quality, seamless, composite picture to support easy diagnosis.

Clinical benefits:  

  • Complete coverage of the anatomical region of interest through the automated movement of the overhead tube suspension and the wallstand detector.
  • Facilitates measurements in orthopedic applications, thanks to excellent resolution and a large dynamic range.



1. Option may not be available in all countries, check with your local representative.