Benefits & Overview

When designing the next PET/CT, WE AIMED TO HELP YOU...

  • Grow your patient services
  • See smaller lesions earlier, with more confidence and lower dose
  • GE Healthcare Discovery IQ PET/CT. Image Quality. Intelligent Quantitation.
  • Scan faster and read more efficiently

Introducing Discovery* IQ
Image Quality. Intelligent Quantitation.

Healthcare providers require great image quality and consistent quantitation. You cannot be expected to prioritize one of these before the other. Complete information is required. Critical information your patients depend upon every day.

GE Healthcare’s latest PET/CT innovation delivers both excellent image quality and consistent quantitation, without compromise. Discovery IQ is equipped to provide what you need to help with your primary mission – delivering the best possible patient outcomes.

Continue reading to learn about our

  • NEW PET detector
  • NEW PET reconstruction 
  • NEW system design

NEW PET Detector

The NEW GE LightBurst PET detector technology is designed to deliver the highest sensitivity of any PET/CT anywhere enabling excellent image quality with fast scans at low doses for greater patient comfort and care.

GE Healthcare Discovery IQ PET Detector

Highest NEMA Sensitivity in the Industry

  • Provides up to 22 cps/kBq
  • Enables very fast acquisition times
  • Allows for low dose scans 
  • Can image with both half the PET dose and half the scan time of conventional systems 
  • Delivers outstanding image quality for small lesion detectability

Largest Axial Field-of-View Coverage in the Industry

  • Provides up to 26 cm of coverage
  • Enables scanning in the fewest possible bed positions
  • Full organ coverage at fast acquisition times; e.g., thorax respiratory motion correction coverage as fast as 4 minutes 
  • Allows for greater throughput/workflow efficiencies for your clinic

Highest Clinical Noise-Equivalent-Count-Rate (NECR) for clinical 18F acquisition in the Industry

  • Optimized for oncology practices administering 18F as done in 94% of procedures1 
  • Up to 75 kcps @ 2.4 kBq/mL 
  • Also delivers high NECR when 68Ga and 11C are injected

Fast Electronics with Simultaneous Dual Acquisition Channels 

  • Delivers high quantitative accuracy, even with high count rate radioisotopes (e.g., 82Rb) where noise typically has a negative impact
  • +/- 3.5% up to 22 kBq/ml

1. IMV PET 2012 Imaging Mkt. Sum. Rpt.

Discovery* IQ is 510(k) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the United States. Not available for sale in all regions.

NEW PET Reconstruction

For the first time in PET reconstruction, no trade-off between excellent image quality and consistent, quantitative SUV measurements to assist in earlier determination of how well your treatment plan is working.

Q.Clear, pioneering full-convergence reconstruction technology, enables fast and efficient reading for greater confidence in evaluating a patient’s response to cancer treatment. It provides up to 2 times improvement in both PET quantitation accuracy (SUVmean) and image quality (SNR).

Learn more about Q.Clear.

Discovery* IQ is 510(k) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the United States. Not available for sale in all regions.

NEW System Design

Discovery* IQ, built as a mobile-ready PET/CT platform, features a NEW system design featuring a scalable PET detector ring and GE’s Optima CT540.

This system is designed to be the most adaptable and accessible PET/CT scanner anywhere enabling improved healthcare for more people in more locations.

GE Healthcare Discovery IQ

Scalable Detector Ring

Built to optimize clinical performance 

  • Delivering technologies to help you with your everyday mission – providing the best possible patient outcomes

Investment protection 

  • Built for today, ready for tomorrow with the Discovery IQ upgradable platform that grows with your department needs

Versatile platform

  • Provides solutions for all clinical environments from the first-time PET/CT user to high-volume and clinical research departments

Mobile-ready platform

Providing greater access to more patients in more locations 

  • Opportunity for imaging departments to gradually expand clinical services

Optima CT540

Excellent signal management

  • Outstanding image quality in signal starved areas (shoulder, hip, large patients, metal)

Coverage and speed

  • 20 mm coverage for fast exams and short breath-holds

Low dose and fast scanning 

  • ASiR* reconstruction
  • 50-slice equivalent with IQE 1.75 pitch booster 
  • 0.5-second rotation speed

Discovery IQ is 510(k) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the United States. Not available for sale in all regions.

Clinical Cases

Clinical Impact

The first global installation of Discovery IQ took place at the Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse in Toulouse, France. This video features comments from Prof. Frédéric Courbon, Ph.D., M.D. about his initial positive reactions to the capabilities of Discovery IQ and how he sees it impacting the care this facility can provide to patients.