Senographe Essential Stereotaxy SystemSenographe Essential Stereotaxy provides accurate access to the breast lesion, allows optimal patient positioning, and enables an easy switch from full-field digital mammography to a stereotactic biopsy mode.

The Senographe Essential Stereotaxy system can be added to GE's Senographe Essential* and Senographe DS* allowing you to conduct screening, diagnostics and interventional procedures in the same room.


Delivers Clinical Confidence

  • Accommodates both vertical and lateral approaches to optimize access to the lesion.  
  • Switches from full-field digital mammographic acquisitions to stereotactic acquisitions, with a dedicated positioner that can accommodate different biopsy devices.
  • Allows access to any lesion with 360° access to the breast and a broad field of view (10 x 8 cm).
  • Can be used for core biopsy and vacuum assisted biopsy, as well as for fine needle aspiration and hook wire localization exams.
  • Integrates TechInsight (optional) to allow review of priors while acquiring the current exam.

Senographe Essential Stereotaxy BenefitsProvides Expanded Performance

The ‘all-in-one’ solution that switches from screening to diagnosis to stereotactic.  

  • Switches easily from screening to diagnostic to stereotactic, allowing non-surgical biopsy, which helps to determine patient follow-up without hospitalization.  
  • Average exam time per patient is approximately 20 minutes.
  • Compatible with the majority of biopsy devices.

Breast Biopsy SystemDefines the Patient Experience

  • The Ultra DBI patented table allows sitting and decubitus positions.
  • The patient in lateral decubitus position is not subject to vagal episodes.
  • Offers comfortable positioning to patients of any age or morphology.


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