Cube* replaces slice-by-slice, plane-after-plane, 2D acquisitions with one single 3D volume scan. You can easily reformat sub-millimeter, isotropic 3D Cube volume data into any plane—without gaps, and with the same resolution as the native plane. The new self-calibrating, parallel-imaging engine ARC helps to speed the sequence up and minimize artifacts. And you'll appreciate the exquisite tissue contrast.

  • Neuro MRI. Cube provides you with contiguous, sub-millimeter, isotropic 3D data sets that can be easily reformatted into any plane, thus replacing multiple 2D scans. The SNR-rich, ultra-thin slices Cube can help visualize even small and subtle lesions without partial-volume averaging effect.
  • MSK MRI. Cube generates contiguous, sub-millimeter, isotropic 3D data that you can easily reformat into any plane. Some tissue structures that can be best seen in oblique views, can now be easily examined. The SNR-rich, ultra-thin slices Cube can provide eliminate partial volume averaging effect, thus helping visualize even small and subtle lesions.
  • Body MRI. Cube acquires contiguous, sub-millimeter, isotropic 3D data sets that can be easily reformatted into any plane, thus replacing multiple 2D scans. The SNR-rich, ultra-thin slices Cube can provide help to visualize even small and subtle lesions without partial volume averaging effect.

"You can't argue against 3D thin-slice, gap-free studies. This will change the way we scan." 

Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, MD - Associate Professor of Radiology
Director of MRI, CT and Outpatient/Advanced Imaging Development
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY

Clinical & Economic Papers

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MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses or infants. Carefully compare the benefits of MR versus alternative procedures before scanning to control risk to the patient. A physician needs to decide to scan pregnant or infant patients.

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