Engineered to help deliver excellent clinical performance, the Optima MR360 Advance skillfully balances technology, a broad array of clinical applications and refined workflow capabilities. With advanced features like OpTix Optical RF, the Needle-Free Suite of applications and embedded coils, this sytem helps maximize productivity and enhance patient care so you can better manage patient volumes.

Optima MR 360 Advance


The Optima* MR360 Advance balances an advanced MR platform with the flexibility and efficiency you need. This technology enables you to:

  • Boost clinical confidence with exceptional 1.5T performance and advanced clinical applications that provide quantitative and qualitative information 
  • Increase patient comfort with a new system design and the Needle-Free Suite of applications, designed to limit the need for biopsy, contrast and sedation
  • Improve productivity through refined workflow driven by Express coils, an easy-to-use interface and, patient comfort features
  • Enhance clinical versatility with a broad array of state-of-the-art clinical applications 
  • Reduce total cost of ownership through energy-efficient technology — uses up to 34 percent less energy than previous-generation systems 
  • Avoid unplanned downtime by identifying service issues before they occur.


Caring Design. Advanced Performance.

  • Proven 1.5T magnet with high homogeneity 
  • 16-Channel RF configuraration
  • Optix Optical RF for excellent signal clarity and intensity to acquire high-quality images
  • Express coil technology that reduces handling of bulky coils between exams
  • Two low-height table designs that can be lowered to 49cm – 
    • Fixed table configuration with Express Coil technology that enables easy positioning and high throughput and, 
    • Detachable table configuration that improves patient access and productivity
  • Efficient 33/120 gradients and innovative water-cooling for energy-efficient operation
  • Advanced clinical applications: such as MR Touch, IDEAL IQ, LAVA Flex, 3D ASL, PROPELLER 3.0, etc...
  • InSite* OnWatch proactive monitoring technology to help avoid unplanned downtime

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