For generations, Whatman has earned a reputation for innovation and quality, and is a well-known global brand in separations technology. Since 2008, Whatman has continued in the tradition of innovative, high quality products as part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

Our Whatman product range includes:

Laboratory filtration products: Filter papers, membrane filters, syringe filters, syringe less filters, microbiology, microplates, and capsule filters.

Sample collection cards and kits: FTA™*, FTA™* Elute, and 903™* ranges.

Blotting: Blotting membranes, blotting papers, and equipment.

Components for lateral flow and flow-through assays: Membranes for immunoassays, conjugate release, blood separators, absorbents, and sample pads.

General laboratory accessories: Extraction thimbles, weighing papers, test and chromatography papers, lens-cleaning tissue, and Benchkote papers.



Filter paper & membranes

Whatman filter papers and membranes are world-renowned as a standard for laboratory filtration and are associated with quality, reliability, and reproducibility. 

FTA Specimen Collection Cards

Do you want to store DNA for 20 years at room temperature? Our FTA™*, 903™* & DMPK cards are used for easy sample collection and long term storage.

Syringe & Syringeless Filters

Process upto 7 times more sample volume with less hand pressure using our GD/X™* syringe filter. Choose from Whatman’s range of syringe and syringe less filters.


Your trusted Whatman also offers pH indicator papers, extraction thimbles, and test papers such as antibiotic assay discs, seed testing paper, surface protection Benchkote™*  and much more.


Environmental Monitoring

Whatman products for Air, Water, Soil analysis are used and recommended by regulatory bodies all across the globe for monitoring critical environmental influencing factors.

Food and Beverage

Enabling quality and safety in the food and beverages is our priority. . From our filter papers to our unique GD/X syringe filters, Whatman products are ubiquitous in this industry.

Drug Discovery

Our complete filtration product range is employed extensively in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry's production, from chemical constituent testing, screening and efficacy analysis, to large-scale ion exchange and chromatography systems.

Genomics & Proteomics

Whatman FTA™*, 903™* & DMPK cards facilitate genomic and proteomic studies of biological samples from humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms by enabling easy sample collection and long term storage.


Pharma Quality Control

Quality matters because you need to focus on conducting rigrous pharmaceutical quality control (QC) without worrying about the quality of the material you use. Whatman offers you Reproducibility, Reliability, Productivity.

Cement & Mining

Sample preparation is a critical factor in obtaining consistent results in cement and mining industry. Our high-quality, dedicated filter paper improves the accuracy of QC testing.

Analytical Testing

Filtration, clarification, solvent extraction, gravimetric analyses et.. Whatman filtration products are most commonly used in such basic laboratory processes. 

Speciality Applications

Whatman specialty papers, approved by regulatory bodies, are widely used in varied industrial applications such as seed testing and ignition strength testing.

Seed testing                                   Ignition strength testing


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