Boost your confidence beyond the clinical.

If you’re considering investing in a system to do cardiovascular procedures, think beyond just superb clinical images. Think system robustness. Think uptime performance. Think free remote support. Think fast issue resolution. Think capital preservation. Think solid financial partner. Think future needs. In other words, think about the things you need to grow your procedures, your experience, your reputation, and your revenue. Think about how a smart investment today can enhance your uptime for years to come, allowing you to see more patients with clear images that give you clinical confidence – to ultimately help you get more patients, do more studies and continue to invest in your business. That’s what AngiX III FD from GE Healthcare1 delivers––on top of the superb image quality made possible by the GE flat-panel detector.


Images and uptime you can count on.

With its improved uptime performance and higher image quality than its predecessor, the new AngiX III FD allows you to be more confident throughout your day.

More system uptime.
We invest in continuously monitoring and improving upon our systems to ensure every one is robust and reliable, case after case, year after year. Now, you have the potential to perform up to two additional procedures per month - based on a 30-procedure per month average - with the 7% improved uptime performance2 of the AngiX III FD. Giving you the power to focus on patients and give them the attention they deserve.

0% downtime from tube overheating.
Eliminate downtime due to overheated tubes––be alerted automatically if the tube is overheating and the system is switching to fluoro x-ray to allow you to continue your procedure until the tube cools down.

79% DQE for high-level GE image quality.
Obtain superb images thanks to one of the industry’s highest ratings for Detective Quantum Efficiency, or DQE, of 79% in record mode, delivered by the very same GE flat-panel detector we use in all of our interventional imaging systems, including our top-of-the-line Discovery* IGS series.

Right dose by design.
The AngiX III FD features dynamic exposure control that automatically adjusts the dose level based on the collimator to deliver excellent image quality at low dose. The beam spectrum is optimized in real-time by selecting the best spectral filter thickness for a given imaging scenario. See the real time Dose Area Product (DAP) on monitors and create dose reports for future consult if needed. 

Service and support that’s always reliable.

Images and uptime are critical to running your business, but they’re only one part of your success. If a problem should arise with your AngiX III FD system, you can be confident in our online remote support to solve it.

Quick downtime resolution 68% of the time.
See your system’s functionality restored quickly after you first contact us 68% of downtime cases3 with our online remote support.

Prompt, on-site Field Engineer service for other issues.
For issues we can’t resolve remotely, we automatically schedule spare parts delivery and a visit from a GE Interventional Field Engineer. To date, they helped restore system uptime within a maximum of six hours once on-site².

Fast spare parts delivery.
Have spare parts delivered quickly. For example, electronic spare parts are stored in Brazil making them available within 48 hours in 80% of cases3.

Online remote diagnostic service.
Obtain quick answers and accurate service quotes to help restore your system’s functionality when needed with the diagnostic capabilities of our online remote service even for customers without service contracts.

Support in your preferred language.
Get assistance in Portuguese, Spanish or English from our multi-lingual online remote support team of interventional products experts.

A financial investment you can be sure of.

When you have clear images, excellent uptime and exceptional reliability – you have it all. And our financing options can make it happen for your institution. Our in-house financing and rich healthcare experience can help you gain confidence in the investment of your AngiX III FD system while preserving your capital.  Now you can focus on enhancing your productivity and running your business, with the potential for more patients and revenue stream.


Clinical Images

Clearly visualize vessels and lesions to help you make confident diagnoses and effectively plan treatment. The new AngiX III FD features sharper images to help you efficiently view more studies, care for more patients and make the most of your investment.

Left Coronary Artery

Right Coronary Artery

AMPLATZER** Protesys

Main left coronary artery disease

Left Coronary Artery - Spider Projection

Left Coronary Artery



** Trademark of, or licensed to, St. Jude Medical or one of its subsidiaries.

1. This product is registered in ANVISA as Angiography System model Angix III. Product manufactured by XPRO Sistemas Ltda, a company acquired by GE Healthcare do Brasil LTDA.

2. Based on analysis of 15 Angix III FD customers in Brazil compared to the previous generation. Assumption of 8 hours of operation per month and 30 procedures per month.

3. Data of 48 customers in Brazil Sept 2013 to Aug 2014.