The Centricity RIS-i 5.0 enhanced workflow manager helps you ensure high-performance collaborative care. Now with the eRadCockpit reporting tool, RIS-i helps you to maximize efficiency by optimizing your workflow, connecting experts, balancing workloads and leveraging your existing infrastructure.  

The newly enhanced RIS-i now comes with an embedded XDS consumer, MDT module connecting clinicians outside of radiology with Radiologists running the MDTs, eRadCockpit and several new enhancements to our Scheduling, e-Order review and graphical interface such as  ‘Lights On, Lights Off’ user view to improve reading comfort in multiple light settings.


Help Reduce costs by

  • Help to reduce radiologist work constraints.
  • Help  to increase productivity.  

Improve quality.

  • Connect radiology information and expertise.
  • Help reduce exam errors.  

Increase access to resources and information.  

eRadCockpit enhances performance with advanced reporting.

  • eRadCockpit integrates a web-based dashboard to monitor the overall departmental performance in real time at a hospital, department or workplace.
  • Enhance cross-site collaboration and workflow sharing by enabling radiologists to see their workload at a glance, independent of their location.  

Drive greater efficiency.

  • Get fast access to regional patient history and, along with web-based PACS, enable on-call radiologists to work from home, reducing report turnaround and unnecessary travel.
  • Facilitate workload sharing, providing instant access to specialists from other hospitals for increased collaboration.
  • Harmonise workflow across radiologists for even workload, directing the right exam to the right person for the best read the first time.
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure.


New features of the Centricity RIS-i 5.0 include:

  • Reporting:
    • eRadCockpit & web based Business Intelligence Cockpit
    • Albert – Google your RIS-i
    • MDT Enhancements
    • SpeechMagic 7
  • Support E-Order review
    • Triple Vetting
    • Sedation Decisions
    • Protocol Creation
  • Scheduler
    • Fine-tune your planning for optimal use of your staff and resources.
    • Change setting from “Scheduled” to “Requested” in various modules and menus.
    • Pending flag shows “Requested” or “Scheduled.”
    • Exam Turn-around Target Date schedules exams based on priority.
  • General
    • Lights On/Lights Off user interface for optimal reading comfort.
    • Customisable desktop link lets users set their own shortcuts.
    • Improved case assignment interface shows legacy, completed and invoiced cases.
    • Bridge 2 PACS enhances collaboration with clinicians.
  • MDTM* Management Reporting
    • Select patient procedure out of worklist
    • Assign patient procedure for planned conferences/MDTM
    • Select date
    • Enter reason for assigning
    • Can be launched out of Centricity WebPACS via study UID, procedure ID or accession number

Albert Advanced Search

Use the eRadCockpit embedded search bar to look for terminology and access the relevant reports and images without having to close & save the case you are currently working on. Get quick access to the related case text, and just double-click access to images.

  • Full text search in database for keywords in:
    • Report text
    • Medical question
    • Procedure risk
    • Medical history
    • Patient risk
  • Definable search period
  • Auto-completion of key words
  • Use Boolean operators and wildcards: “AND” “OR” “NOT” “&” “|” “~” “%”


Enjoy high-performance collaborative care:

  • The eRadCockpit can be interfaced to your single RIS/PACS workflow and can serve as the global vendor neutral reporting platform over multiple different RIS/PACS systems.  

Take the proven functionalities of the RadCockpit online:

  • Worklist & productivity display
  • Complete Voice Processing
  • Conference management
  • Clinical information
  • Patient “tree” & priors
  • XDS consumer (& XDS source capabilities)
  • Comparison display of Images in WebPACS (same source PACS)
  • WebDx and PACS IW Front End Integration (mention Universal Viewer?)
  • Web based (IE 8 and above)
  • TX text control text editor
  • Relevant procedure tree
  • Multi purpose info panel (including scanned doc)
  • Return key search in WL


Component Support  

DB Server OS                Win Server 2008

Add On Server OS         Windows 2008

Client Installation         Web-based installation of eRadCockpit

Voice Recognition        Speech Magic 7 

IE                                    IE 8 and above