Affordable Interventional X-ray Capabilities

When you need a fully integrated imaging subsystem to help you perform diagnostic and interventional cardiac procedures, GoldSeal has pre-owned, refurbished systems available. The GoldSeal Innova 2000 is designed to address your cardiovascular imaging demands, while providing extensive storage, advanced post processing, and display and quantitative analysis capabilities.


Helping You Meet Cardiac Imaging Challenges

GoldSeal Innova 2000 interventional x-ray systems provide a number of key benefits. It helps you:

  • Maximize your productivity and workflow with real-time data collection and processing.
  • Obtain clear views of imaging area with optimized imaging characteristics.
  • Streamline workflow with capabilities for advanced post processing, display, and quantitative analysis.
  • Enable even the most complex angulations.
  • Position patients easily, without interference from ceiling-mounted equipment. 
  • Have fingertip access to common imaging and positioning functions.


Innova 2000 Gold Seal features include:

  • Flat panel, solid-state detector
  • Completely digital imaging chain
  • Cesium iodine scintillator
  • Dual-level rectangular blades block scatter radiation
  • Low-noise microelectronics
  • SmartFluoro algorithms produce dose-efficient noise reduction
  • Dedicated keypad to control common review functions
  • Flat panel graphic display with easy “point and click” mouse control
  • Wireless remote
  • Automatic injection capability
  • VMP 100 KW high-frequency generator

Innova 2000 for cardiac diagnostic and interventional applications has a manually operated cardiac table that allows easy patient positioning. Capacity: 450-pound patient.


Innova 2000 Gold Seal specifications include:

  • 20.5cm x 20.5 cm active area
  • MS-150BG X-ray tube

Please contact your sales representative for exact specifications for available GoldSeal Innova 2000

GoldSeal Advantage

GoldSeal pre-owned, refurbished systems offer you a smart use of resources, as well as:

  • Quality: Refurbishing done by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met.
  • Peace of mind: Same one-year warranty as on new systems; service contracts available.
  • Service/support: Online assistance with questions, local service.
  • Up-to-date technology: Refurbishing includes installation of latest available software platforms.
  • Training: Operation and application training, with optional CE Tech training credits available.