GE Healthcare has collaborated with leading cardiologists across the world to develop ECG products to high standards of quality. MAC™ i is GE Healthcare's new compact electrocardiograph, specially designed to meet the needs unique to Indian environment.


Light weight & portable MAC™ i is easy to operate. It also aids in faster and more confident cardiac assessment there by assisting better patient care. MAC i ensures Better Accuracy, Convenience and Value for Money! It offers:

  • Dual ECG Modes: Auto and manual modes allow you to adapt to your specific patient needs 
  • Reliable Decision Support: Marquette 12SL Measurement and Interpretation aids in faster decision making
  • Wide Paper Size: 58 mm paper is used for clear visualization of ECG waveforms and reports
  • One Touch Operation: For acquisition, analysis and printing, minimizes training needs
  • Ultra Portable: ECG device (with battery) weighs less than 1200Gms. for easy transport
  • Long-lasting Battery: Uses Li-Ion platform, lasts for 500 ECGs in three channel mode & 250 ECGs in single channel mode
  • Lower Recharge Time: Battery recharges in less than 3 hours

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