The SEER® Light and SEER Light Extend digital recorders continue GE’s legacy of exceptional Holter monitoring by giving clinicians a cost-effective way to obtain accurate ECG data. They provide diagnostic-quality data acquisitions in compact designs that offer the ultimate in patient comfort.


The SEER Light is our smallest and lightest Holter recorder, weighing in at only 72 grams (2.5 ounces). It provides 24 hours of 2-3 channels of full-disclosure ECG with pace­maker detection, a simple-to-use patient event button, and access to patient demographics for easy study identification  The SEER Light Extend recorder is for patients who require monitoring for a longer period of time. It offers 48 hours of reliable ambulatory ECG data acquisitions, with all the same features as the SEER Light.


  • Small, compact digital recorders weighing only 72 grams (2.5 oz.).
  • Provides 2–3 channels of diagnostic-quality ECG for up to 24 hours, with the SEER Light Extend offering 48 hours of monitoring.
  • Integral pacemaker detection avoids the expense of a separate dedicated pacemaker recorder.
  • Onboard memory with solid-state technology for reliability and durability.
  • Patient event button allows patients to quickly and easily indicate when an episode occurs.
  • Handheld controller provides patient demographics entry and visual confirmation of correct lead placement.
  • Compatible with MARS PC Holter systems.
  • Marquette EK-Pro™ analysis for Holter.


Both the SEER Light and SEER Light Extend recorders work with the SEER Light Extend Controller for the initial hook-up of the recorder, and then later when it is used to transfer the completed data to GE’s MARS® workstation.