Ambulatory ECG

Applying the right solution at the right time can help avoid the tragedy of sudden arrhythmic death. The MARS* Ambulatory ECG system helps identify which patients are at higher risk, allowing your staff of clinicians to take action while there is still time.


Ambulatory ECG-Holter

Taking steps to prevent sudden cardiac death.

The MARS Ambulatory ECG system captures and stores every heartbeat of your patient, and then provides a computerized ECG analysis using a full suite of GE Marquette* algorithms. The Marquette analysis programs are a sophisticated set of  tools that measure anomalies, such as Heart Rate Turbulence and T-wave Alternans, which could be missed by the human eye.

With full-disclosure Holter analysis and Marquette algorithms, we empower you with diagnostic confidence and the ability to provide proactive, life-saving treatment.

Also available, the CardioMem CardioDay Holter system, is a simple, yet powerful stand-alone Holter system specifically designed to meet the needs of the non-cardiology physician office.