Reliable scanning for your everyday needs

  • A large bore

  • An ample field of view

  • A powerful X-ray tube

  • High-resolution imaging

  • ASiR* dose-reduction technology (optional)

  • Lightning-quick scan speeds

It’s all within reach on the Optima CT580 W.

This reliable powerhouse can be your “go-to” CT system—the one you’ll use day in and day out for routine CT studies, complex or challenging exams, convenient large-patient scans, streamlined interventional procedures, and so much more.


A balanced blend of power, resolution, speed, coverage and dose

The Optima CT580 W offers these benefits:

  • Routine efficiency
    Attain a full range of studies, with exceptional image clarity. And with efficiency that may optimize dose for virtually every scan.

  • More productive workflow
    Simplify management of large, thin-slice datasets and combine speed with flexibility.

  • Extreme versatility
    From routine imaging to radiation oncology, from the ED to the interventional suite, Optima CT580 W gives you impressive image quality to support confident diagnoses across a wide range of anatomy and applications.

  • Interventions improved
    From lesion biopsies to pain management, Optima CT580 W lets you balance dose and temporal resolution and optimize breath hold applications. It’s flexible and versatile to support a wide range of interventional procedures.



Built-In Technologies

Benefit from exceptional image quality, extreme imaging versatility, and the ability to scan anatomy from head to toe without compromise with:

  • Crystal clarity
    Optima CT580 W delivers outstanding images.

  • Fast speed
    Helical scans are extremely fast. For shorter breath holds. More comfortable exams. Less potential for patient motion.

  • A spacious, 80 cm wide-bore design
    gives you plenty of room to work around your patients and insert interventional devices. Flexible in-room controls enable fast procedures.

  • State-of-the-art table design
    Capable and convenient for all patients, including larger patients weighting up to 650 pounds or 295 kg.

  • Optional fast image reconstruction
    At 16 fps, it streamlines your workflow from acquisition to final report.

Advanced Visualization

Extremely versatile

Optima CT580 W gives you impressive image quality to support confident diagnoses across a wide range of anatomy and applications:

  • Abdomen

  • Thorax

  • Head

  • Neck

  • Extremities

  • Vasculature

Its wide bore, state-of-the-art table design, powerful tube, and fast, high resolution imaging facilitate everyday studies – plus exams for bariatric patients, critical trauma patients attached to monitoring devices, and patients receiving interventions.

Precise control of interventions

Low-dose SmartStep tap mode lets you complete simple procedures quickly and accurately. You can manage complex cases with SmartView* Fluoro multi-slice real-time CT fluoroscopy.

At 24 frames per second (3 view ports at 8 fps each), the SmartView Fluoro option gives you fast real-time image acquisition for precise needle control.

A short latency time lets you easily navigate a biopsy needle to a lung lesion during a breath-hold or free breathing.

And SmartView Fluoro shows you exactly how your needle is adjusting when inserted into the spinal canal or abdomen.

Clinical Images

CTA Aorta
More Visualization of Large Patients
Renal Angio
Trauma knee