High Definition

The leading edge of CT clarity.

Leading edge clarity requires innovation throughout the image chain - and across every variable of image development.

High Definition CT Clinicals

Resolution, low contrast detectability, noise reduction and artifact reduction, combined together to raise the bar in diagnostic imaging.

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Gemstone Detector

For more than 20 years, GE's scintillator material has been an industry standard - the foundation for CT imaging excellence. Now, with the introduction of the Discovery CT750 HD, an even higher standard has been set.

  • Extended coverage with Volume Helical Shuttle
  • Gemstone* Spectral Imaging - an entirely new path for diagnostic imaging 
  • Cardiac imaging- the highest spatial resolution in the industry1 at 18.2 lp/cm

1.Based upon internal test data comparing Discovery CT750 HD cardiac half-scan spatial resolution to data from “Advanced CT Scanners for Coronary Angiography”, ImPACT Report CEP10043,March, 2010, available at http://www.impactscan.org.

Redesigned Image Chain

The Detector

The Gemstone* detector sets new benchmarks for CT speed, recovery and performance.

  • Primary Speed, 100X FASTER
    • The exclusive garnet structure enables high definition imaging during sub-second scanning and fast kV switching.
    Primary Speed 100x Faster
  • Afterglow performance, 4X Faster
    • Gemstone's recovery time is 4-times faster, delivering increased spatial resolution and significant artifact reduction.
    Primary Speed 4x Faster

Gemstone is the essential innovation that drives the high definition breakthrough.

The Data Acquisition System (DAS)
Volara* DAS technology delivers improved signal performance and image quality.

  • A dramatic reduction in electronic noise
    • Low noise, for outstanding image quality in high and low signal areas of the anatomy
  • Improved spatial resolution across entire field of view
    • 2.5X more views per rotation to improve x & y resolution and virtually artifact free performance
    • 7.1 kHz sampling rate

The Tube
The Performix* HD Tube enables the visualization of more detail with dynamic focal spot control.

Power at your fingertips

  • Increased data sampling
  • Ultra-fast kVp switching
  • Up to 680mA on the small focal spot

Clinical Images