Improving the quality of healthcare around the world is a goal we all share. But this can be a daunting challenge, with patients that may be spread across vast regions. The Brivo™ CT315 — part of the GE healthymagination initiative aims to make high-quality CT accessible.


With its ultracompact design, the Brivo CT315 fits into your planned scanning space.* Its simple interface and new table and gantry design streamline CT exam workflow and increase patient throughput.


Built with advanced GE Healthcare technologies inside, this small but highly capable system also incorporates other leading-edge features. High image quality and low dose — combined with a wide variety of proven, advanced applications — help you make fast, confident diagnoses.

From head to toe.


* Room size should meet AERB requirements 


Brivo CT325 features:

1. Volume Analysis allows you to manage 3D and 2D imaging in real time. Within the same display, you can review multiple acquisitions, associating 2D images with a variable slab thicknesscapability (Average, MIP, MinIP, Volume Rendering) according to the exam’s requirements.

2. Reformat: With Direct-Multi-Planar Reconstruction (DMPR), datasets are prospectively presented in the axial, sagittal,coronal, and oblique planes. For more confident assessmentand diagnosis of sinus, chest, abdomen, inter-vertebral disc,and fractures.

3. Multi-Projection Volume Reconstruction provides a quickand easy way to generate volumetric images to help you accurately enhance contrast and improve visualizationof structures.

4. Virtual Endoscopy provides a visualization of intra-luminal structures such as airways, colon, sinus, or vascular structures. Images can be viewed dynamically using a virtual “flythrough” mode.

5. CT Perfusion enables stroke management through quick quantitative analysis of blood flow disturbances in the brain, including cerebral blood volume, cerebral blood flow, and mean transit time.


Incorporating the latest technologies such as spectral calibrationthat ensures and maintains high uniformity of image quality for entire field of view derived from GE Healthcare’s advanced CT platforms, Brivo CT315 delivers all the essential functionality to meet your current and future clinical needs.From routine image review to high-level post processing,Brivo CT315 offers a wide range of applications. Combining performance with simplicity—all in one easy-to-use system.