Experience our GreenLight laryngoscope system comprised of comfortable, sturdy GreenLight II handles and single-use SteeLite laryngoscope blades. The LED light source provides a bright source of light to illuminate the airway. SteeLite disposable blades are designed with a shape optimal to sweep the tongue during laryngoscopy and a coined, atraumatic tip to promote patient safety and comfort. 

Steelite blades


GreenLight II Handle

  • Ergonomic, over-molded handles are lightweight and designed to fit clinicians’ hands.
  • Bright LED light rod is covered to help shield clinician from back-flash and glare.
  • Handle is compatible with Safe Sac, a disposable sheath that helps keeps handles clean and helps minimize cross-contamination.

SteeLite Blades

  • Single-use blades eliminate time, cost and effort of reprocessing reusables.
  • Compliant with Joint Commission storage guidelines and can enhance patient care by helping to minimize cross-contamination.
  • Stainless-steel strength in a disposable style.
  • Individually-packaged to eliminate the time, cost and effort of reprocessing reusable blades.
  • Blade packaging provides instant visibility to blade size and style -- so clinicians can quickly find what they need.
  • Coined tip helps reduce trauma.
  • Durable enough to withstand rigors of stressful ED, OR, and ICU environments.
  • Available in three sizes in Macintosh and four sizes in Miller.

Stubby and Traditional handles.

Infection Prevention

The Case for Single-use Laryngoscope Blades Just Got Stronger. 

Guidelines published by The Joint Commission require, among other directives, that reusable laryngoscope blades are processed via sterilization or high-level disinfection and stored in a peel pack (long-term), or wrapped in a sterile towel (short-term). Noncompliant storage would include unwrapped blades in an anesthesia drawer or on top of a code cart.1

This makes the case for switching to single-use laryngoscope blades even stronger. 

Six Reasons To Switch To Single-Use Blades

  1. Become Joint Commission-compliant in storing laryngoscope blades.
  2. Reduce cost and workflow steps related to reprocessing reusable blades.
  3. Eliminate the chance of re-contaminating sterilized reusable blades through inconsistent or unsterile storage options.
  4. Achieve instant visibility to blade style and size by using single-patient use blades packaged and labeled individually in a clear peel pack. Know instantly what you have on hand for any emergency or scheduled surgery. 
  5. Enhance patient care by using single patient-use laryngoscope blades.
  6. Avoid non-reimbursement from Medicare due to cross-contamination acquired due to “preventable infections resulting from a hospital stay.”2

If you’ve considered streamlining your blade inventory or switching to single-use blades, now is the time.

1 The Joint Commission, Infection Prevention and Control (CAMH/Hospitals), Laryngoscope Blades, How should we process and store laryngoscope blades? (October 24, 2011). FAQ available at: http://www.jointcommission.org/standards_information/jcfaqdetails.aspx?StandardsFAQChapterId=69&StandardsFAQId=386

2 http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/80074.php