Typically, technology moves forward in discrete steps. But sometimes it leaps. The clinical world has changed as well: Imaging technology applications have evolved and become more flexible; the clinical capabilities of your referring physicians have become more sophisticated; and access possibilities have exploded. This is the start of a workflow revolution in clinical practice. Information sharing among sites, team members, and consulting physicians is entering a new phase… a new level of speed and accuracy.

Those who adapt can realize higher productivity, increased efficiency, and enhanced patient care.

Built on the trusted GE AW platform, the Dexus* seamless workflow environment puts a new world of versatility and efficiency at your fingertips. Linking imaging devices, clinical applications, and IT, Dexus gives you access to advanced visualization tools across modalities and care areas from wherever you are.


  • What you need: With up to 50 clinical applications, AW is your portal to increased productivity across all imaging modalities.
  • Where you are: You can access your AW applications via a Workstation, RIS/PACS, laptop, or PC from wherever you have a secure connection.
  • When you need it: Images are preprocessed so they’re ready to read the moment you open a clinical case. 
  • Who you work with: Grant access to team members, referring physicians, other radiologists to facilitate remote consultations, staff meetings, or double readings.

One Seamless Workflow Environment

Manage workflow from where you are
With thin client technology powered by AW Server and you can access your AW applications from virtuallyany PC, laptop, RIS and PACS workstations from anywhere in your hospital or where you have a secure connection. And anyone with permission can access them too, so double reading, consultations, staff meetings, ER diagnostics, can be handled anywhere, anytime.

Results at your fingertips, when you need them
Images are preprocessed, so they’re ready to read as soon as you open a clinical case. AW Workstation and AW Server enable multiple sessions, which let you switch smoothly between patient exams without having to exit the current session.

A smart investment
Integrate into the Dexus seamless workflow environment and you can minimize additional hardware investments. AW Server gives you and your colleagues access to powerful AW applications and their post-processing capabilities with virtually1 any existing computer client hardware.

Enhanced interoperability
AW Server integrates2 your application features into your information workflow. Combined with RIS and PACS, it provides reporting capabilities from a single desktop. Thin-client technology provides instant access to online post-processing, while efficient integration with RIS and PACS eliminates complex routing and storage requirements.

Dexus: Your seamless workflow solution
Whether it’s a workstation for your office, or collaborative access to advanced clinical tools through server technology, AW is your solution. As integral parts of the Dexus workflow, AW workstation and AW Server can provide a seamless workflow environment to meet your needs today with the flexibility to adjust to the innovations of tomorrow. 

1. Refer to client specification section for more details.
2. Refer to AW Server integration section for more details.


Integration and Information the Cornerstone of Radiology
By William P. Shuman, MD, FACR, Director of Radiology, University of Washington Medical Center

Radiology embraced the digital revolution more than 20 years ago. In most hospitals today, radiologists perform their diagnoses in virtually an all-digital environment. Alternate care sites—clinics and physician offices—are quickly following in the same direction, if they are not already there. However, as imaging and information technology advanced at varying levels over the past two decades, radiology departments have become a multisystem environment. As a result, radiologists utilize an array of systems—many from different manufacturers—to read and report the patient diagnosis. These systems include, but are not limited to, PACS, RIS, HIS, Speech Recognition, and advanced image processing.

“Because it’s much easier to use, you tend to use it more, and therefore you use all the power of AW in your analysis of a case because it’s so readily convenient”
Dr. William P. Shuman

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