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Integration and Information the Cornerstone of Radiology
By William P. Shuman, MD, FACR, Director of Radiology, University of Washington Medical Center

AW - Dr. William Shuman

Radiology embraced the digital revolution more than 20 years ago. In most hospitals today, radiologists perform their diagnoses in virtually an all-digital environment. Alternate care sites—clinics and physician offices—are quickly following in the same direction, if they are not already there. However, as imaging and information technology advanced at varying levels over the past two decades, radiology departments have become a multisystem environment. As a result, radiologists utilize an array of systems—many from different manufacturers—to read and report the patient diagnosis. These systems include, but are not limited to, PACS, RIS, HIS, Speech Recognition, and advanced image processing.

“Because it’s much easier to use, you tend to use it more, and therefore you use all the power of AW in your analysis of a case because it’s so readily convenient”
Dr. William P. Shuman

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Creating an efficient remote reading environment
Dai Kakizaki, MD, PhD, Director of Sai Teramedo, Japan

aw dai kakizaki.The migration from analog to digital and the elimination of film has led to radiology groups creating remote reading rooms where radiologists read for more than one institution. In Feb 2010, Toda Central Medical Group (TMG) opened a remote reading/ interpretation center “Sai Teramedo”. The center reads for 15 facilities, including a screening center at Toda Central General Hospital, Atami Tokoro Memorial Hospital, and Shin Niiza Shiki Central General Hospital. Total monthly reading volume is: 421 CT; 351 MR; 2,140 general X-ray; 322 fluoroscopic; and 444 mammography cases, for an approximate total of 3,700 cases. Two radiologists are staffed each day at Sai Teramedo and use the AW Server for reading medical imaging studies.

“Our radiologists are simply just more efficient. Everything they need to analyze, view, and report a study is available on one workstation.”
Dr. Dai Kakizaki

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Son Espases University Hospital
By Carolina Nieto-Garcia, MD, Interventional Radiologist, Son Espases University Hospital

aw carolina nieto garcia.

At Son Espases University Hospital on the picturesque Balearic island of Mallorca in Spain, gone are the days when Carolina Nieto-Garcia, MD, would read 20 or more radiographic films to report a thoracoabdominal CT. Modern CT systems generate hundreds—even thousands—of images for each study. With the volume of data presented to clinicians, image post-processing is an essential diagnostic tool.

“Now, we don’t have to commute to the hospital, which can significantly improve our quality of life.”
Dr. Carolina Nieto-Garcia, MD, Interventional Radiologist

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Odense University Hospital
By Jorgen Nepper Rasmussen, MD, Neuroradiologist, Odense University Hospital

At University Hospital of Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, post-processing CT images on AW Server helps neuroradiologist Jorgen Nepper Rasmussen, MD, evaluate and diagnose patients. “With AW Server we have the ability to reformat or view images from different angles right on PACS workstations. This provides flexibility and leads to higher diagnostic confidence."

“We are processing more CT angiographies because it is so easy to perform no matter where we located in the hospital.”
Dr. Jorgen Nepper Rasmussen, MD, Neuroradiologist

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Radiology Associates of Ridgewood and Waldwick

Thin-client technology is enabling the radiologists of Radiology Associates of Ridgewood and Waldwick (NJ) to perform advanced image analysis and post-processing from remote locations with the speed and functionality similar to a dedicated workstation. The group recently implemented the AW Server at their office and in the local hospital for which they read—The Valley Hospital (Bergen County, NJ)."

“With this capability to process the images remotely, we are utilizing 3D modeling more often in the evenings.”
Dr. Edward Lubat, MD

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Assessing Drug Response with Multiple Modalities Using Oncoquant
By Dr. Isabelle Boulay, MD, Paris Saint-Joseph Group

aw isabelle boulay.OncoQuant* provides robust tools for routine oncology diagnosis, treatment follow up, and clinical trial management. OncoQuant integrates with existing IT infrastructure, including PACS and RIS, so clinicians can spend less time retrieving studies and preparing exams and more time reading and reviewing.

“OncoQuant is not only saving us 15% on reading time, but it definitely increases the repeatability of measurements over time.”
Dr. Isabelle Boulay, MD

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St. Francis Hospital (Evanston, IL)

“AW provides our facility with the ideal workflow environment, allowing easy collaboration between colleagues, while providing access to data from a workstation, PACS, or home.”
Dr. Richard A. Kane, MD

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Clinique Médipôle Saint-Roch (Cabestany, France)

“For groups like ours with radiology sub-specialists available for consult, it’s very useful that they can give their advice no matter where they are located.”
Dr. Fred Cohen, MD

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Hôpital Pontchaillou, CHU Rennes (Rennes, France)

“We can better collaborate with oncologists for monitoring patient progress throughout the treatment cycle.”
Professor Yves Gandon, MD

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Multi-modality Oncology Workflow for Comprehensive Follow-up and Treatment
By Valerie Laurent, MD, PhD, radiologist, Central University Hospital

OncoQuant has proved to be an invaluable tool for tracking of oncology studies in our facility. We can compare a seemingly limitless number of CT, MR, and PET exams. Moreover, OncoQuant provides a structured workflow for using base lining and NADIR to determine patient response to treatment according to RECIST guidelines.

“OncoQuant gives our oncologists higher confidence in measurement tracking, diminishing the need to repeat the same measurements.”
Dr. Valerie Laurent, MD

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