In our country, resources are scarce but needs are huge. This means, healthcare solutions must be affordable, reliable, resilient, easy to distribute, easy to use and manage. For this to take place, a collaborated effort from the private and public healthcare players along with a concerted push from medical device, equipment and technology companies is required.

Mission Healthier India Tour is our effort to take healthcare technologies to the far corners of the country and drive awareness about the latest developments in the field of medical imaging and diagnosis. The lounge aims to provide clinicians a hands-on experience on advanced technologies catering to women, mother & infant care, cardiac diseases and critical care.

Come visit us to view a demo of our solutions, connect with product specialists and have deeper conversations at your doorstep.

Check out our tour schedule from here and contact us to schedule a stop when we are in your town! 


Tour Schedule

The Mission Healthier India Tour will be on the road from November 23rd  onwards with stops at over 100 districts across the west and north India. Please see the schedule below to see when we will be in your area! 

Current Dates


Nov 23-28- Ahmedabad
Nov 29- Karamsad, Anand
Nov 30- Baroda


Dec 1-5- Baroda
Dec 7- 13- Surat
Dec 14- Valsad
Dec 15- Vapi

Featured Products

  • Ventilator

    • Siaretron 4000

    • Falco 202 Evo