Problem Statements

The Global Healthcare industry has undergone tremendous transformation over the past decades, and Digital Technology has played a great role in helping deliver quick, effective and personalized healthcare to the masses. The need of the hour continues to be disruptive innovation to create & evolve robust & scalable solutions, and drive fast paced transformation towards advanced & affordable Healthcare.

Primarily, Healthcare as an industry is focusing on Digital solutions to cater to key parameters such as affordability, availability, accessibility, accommodation and acceptability. Apart from these areas such as sustainability, reliability, scalability etc. also play an important role in providing patient centric Healthcare.

With Digital technology being a vital driving factor to achieve the above outcomes, below are some of the key focus areas that are currently being worked upon within the MedTech community:

  • Precision Healthcare – Focus on providing targeted, specific and personalized diagnosis & treatment, thus enabling “waste elimination” in patient care, and quantification of its impact on the healthcare eco-system, and society at large.
  • Increase in Transparency – Accessibility to different pricing models across hospitals to help enable tracking of improper payments, and standardization of patient care cost, to drive effective, affordable & reliable healthcare.
  • Remote Healthcare – In a country like India with over 1.9B population there are many remote villages where provisioning of basic healthcare and amenities is a challenge. Enabling mechanisms to not only donate old equipment to these needy places but help identify best fits and coordinate the donation, but also train and aid eligible community practitioners to provide quality healthcare.
  • Empathy Care – Both empathy and compassion in Healthcare play vital roles in the patient experience and are key components of the physician-patient relationship. When a patient arrives to see their healthcare provider, the patient’s medical condition — whether it is a severe illness or injury, a chronic condition, or simply a routine check-up – will often manifest emotions such as anxiety, fear, and apprehension. Patients want to know they are receiving the very best care, and that is conveyed when their care team is empathetic and compassionate.
  • Hygiene Healthcare – Building capabilities and ability to adhere to WHO’s (World Health Organization) Guidelines on sanitation and health summarizes the evidence on the effectiveness of a range of sanitation interventions, and provides a comprehensive framework for health-protecting sanitation, covering policy and governance measures, implementation of sanitation technologies, systems and behavioral interventions, risk-based management, and monitoring approaches. Critically, the guidelines articulate the role of the health sector in maximizing the health impact of sanitation interventions. The guidelines also identify gaps in the evidence-base to guide future research efforts to improve the effectiveness of sanitation interventions.
  • Sustainable Healthcare – Sustainable healthcare is not just about finance and affordability, important as they are; nor is it purely about the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. It also depends on factors outside the control of the health and care sector. It is a moving target in a system that is changing rapidly. A transition is under way around the world from hospital and illness-based systems to person and health-based ones, where, aided by technology, more services are provided in communities and homes. The system’s contribution to the economy, and the need of cross-sectoral partnerships of private and public organizations have crucial roles in building healthy and health creating communities, towns, and cities.
  • Mobile Healthcare – Rise in mobile healthcare enables accessibility to quality healthcare, but there are challenges in identifying patients especially in rural areas where there are no medical records. Enabling solutions that can uniquely identify patients and catalogue them using biometric identifiers and digitizing their records ensuring easy access to basic and reliable healthcare.

This event is a platform and an opportunity for students like you to exercise your brain cells and devise innovative products / solutions to address the above challenges in the Healthcare space, thus demonstrating your capabilities in designing, coding and problem solving.

Please ensure that the following items are part of your first cut submissions:

  • Detailed idea
  • Solutions architecture
  • Applicable tech stack
  • Prototypes / wireframes
  • Functionality specs

Join this band wagon of digitization and demonstrate your capabilities to be the best in the world of Digital technology and disruptive innovation.

Terms & Conditions

GE Healthcare Digital Technology is collectively referred to as “Sponsor”, “we” or “us”.


    GE Healthcare, is launching the first edition of HACK‘E’LTH, a 2 day event to be held on September 19th – 20th, 2019 at GE Healthcare Digital Technology campus at Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bangalore. At this event, final year students across select colleges will be asked to develop digital solutions to address problems / challenges in the Healthcare industry.
    Participation in the event is free of charge.

    • If You are currently pursuing your Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Bio Medical, Electronics & Communication & currently in your 4th year / 7th semester, then You are welcome to apply for this challenge. If You are from any other branch of Engineering and are keen about software development, then You too are welcome to participate.
    • You need to be a full-time student studying in India
    • Sponsor may restrict the institutes from where participation in this challenge is sought.

    The event is to be held on the days of September 19th and 20th, 2019, at the GE Healthcare Digital Technology campus at Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bangalore. GE Healthcare reserves the right to change the days, time and location of the event due to technical or organizational needs by announcing such changes on the event's official web site, which is

    • Registration for the event is free of charge and is open to teams of 2 or 3 individuals. Teams can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 individuals.
    • Teams wishing to sign up for the event must complete the online registration form at with personal details of each team member. Each participant must accept the event regulations and grant consent for the handling of their personal information for the use by GE Healthcare.
    • The members of each team are to ensure that the personal information provided upon registration online is true and accurate and must unconditionally accept any and all decisions made by event organizers with regards to the event.
    • The admission of teams to the competition is on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Each team must be given a name as chosen by its members. Team names must not be connected in any way with the names of companies or registered trademarks or use expressions that incite violence or are discriminatory, obscene, or represent any form of defamation. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
    • The members of each team undertake to present original content and not to include presentations or projects that have previously been submitted to other initiatives / events.
    • By accepting these regulations and participating in the event, each participant undertakes, for the entire duration of the competition, to make use of the facilities in which the competition is to be held and any materials and equipment provided by GE Healthcare with the utmost care and diligence and to comply fully with the rules of conduct and safety established by GE Healthcare. Event participants will be held liable for any damage caused to people or property.

    The details are published on the website. The top 3 winning teams would get cash prizes as stated below:
    • 1st Prize : INR 2,00,000 (per team)
    • 2nd Prize : INR 1,00,000 (per team)
    • 3rd Prize : INR 50,000 (per team)

    Participation in the event is subject to all national, state and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. You are responsible for checking applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction before participating in the event to make sure that your participation is legal. You are responsible for abiding by your institution's policies regarding participation in the event and ensuring that your submission does not violate any policies set by your institution. You are further responsible for ensuring that your participation in the event and your submission does not violate any contractual obligations or other legal obligation You may have regarding confidentiality or intellectual property ownership to your institution. Sponsor disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for disputes arising between You and your institution related to this event.

    By making a submission, You agree that (a) your Accounts are complete, correct and accurate and (b) your registration may be rejected or terminated, and any submission submitted by You may be disqualified if any of the information in your Accounts are (or Sponsor has reasonable grounds to believe it is) incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate. You are solely responsible for your Accounts. Registration information is collected and may be transferred elsewhere globally as needed for the purposes of the event and the Sponsor’s business purposes.

    Sponsor is not responsible for (a) late, lost, stolen, damaged, garbled, incomplete, incorrect or misdirected Entries or other communications, (b) errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, or delays in operations or transmission of information, in each case whether arising by way of technical or other failures or malfunctions of computer hardware, software, communications devices, or transmission lines, or (c) data corruption, theft, destruction, unauthorized access to or alteration of Entry materials, loss or other issues related to data such as quality, access or security. Sponsor is not responsible for electronic communications or emails which are undeliverable as a result of any form of active or passive filtering of any kind, or insufficient space in any email account to receive email messages. Sponsor disclaims any liability for damage to any computer system resulting from participation in, or accessing or downloading of information in connection with, the event.

    Sponsor shall have the right to remove any blog comment or posting related to the event from the event website in their sole discretion at any time and for any reason.


    • Quality of the Submission Idea and Solution
      • Includes creativity and originality of the application idea, usability, design, and intuitiveness.
    • Potential Value or Benefits
      • Includes the degree to which the submission solution provides value and is globally scalable.
    • Ease of implementation
      • Includes the extent to which the value provided to the end user is realistically achievable with existing technologies
        within the near term; not vague or overly complex to user, or reliant on a technology that is not yet on the market.
    • Pitch of the solution
      • Includes the clarity and description of the problem addressed, how the solution solves the problem, what technology
        is used, what services are leveraged, what sensor and other data is used, and the connection the solution
        makes to real-world healthcare problems.

    Sponsor’s Use of Your Submission
    1. Your Submission must: (a) be Your (or your Team’s) original work product; (b) be solely owned by You or Your Team with no other person or entity having any right or interest in it; and (c) not violate the intellectual property rights or other rights including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrecy, contract, and/or privacy rights, of any other person or entity. You may submit a Submission that includes the use of Open Source Software or hardware as defined below, provided You comply with the requirements of this section. Subject to applicable law, any invention assignment agreements that You may have with your institution, and the licenses described below, any applicable intellectual property rights to a Submission will remain with You.
    2. Sponsor’s Rights: By entering the event, You grant to the Sponsor, Sponsor’s Partners, Administrator, and any other third parties acting on the Sponsor’s behalf, a royalty-free, non- exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to display publicly and use the Submission, including without limitation for commercial purposes, in perpetuity. This license includes, but is not limited to, posting or linking to the Submission on Sponsor’s, Administrator’s, and partners’ websites and applications, including the event Website, and display and promotion of the Submission in any other media, worldwide and the right to make any derivative works based on the Submission.
    3. Submission Display: The following Submission components may be displayed to the public: name, description, images, video URL, website, URL, team members, the Submission category and platform, and submitter type. Other Submission materials may be viewed by the Sponsor, Administrator, and Judges for screening and evaluation.
    4. You represent and warrant that the Sponsor, Administrator, and event partners are free to use Your Submission in the manner described above, as provided or as modified by the Administrator, without obtaining permission or license from any third party and without any compensation to You.
    5. You agree that nothing in the Official Rules grants You a right or license to use any Sponsor or Administrator name, trademark or service mark.
    6. You acknowledge that we, other entrants or others may have developed or commissioned materials similar or identical to your Submission, or may develop something similar in the future, and You waive any claims You may have resulting from any similarities to your Submission.
    7. You understand that Sponsor cannot control the information You disclose to us or our representatives in the course of participating in the event, or what we or our representatives will remember about your entry. You also understand that we will not restrict work assignments of representatives who have had access to your Submission. By participating in the event, You agree that we may use any information in our representatives’ unaided memories in the development or deployment of our products or services without liability or compensation to You. You understand that You will not receive any compensation or credit from us for use of your submission in connection with this event. This provision does not limit any compensation You may receive through us or third parties as a result of Your use or marketing or profiting from the application beyond this event or as provided in these official rules. We are not responsible for any unauthorized use of your entry by those.


    For any final Submission to be eligible to win prizes in the event, all Open Source Software or third party code or other materials used in connection with that Submission must be limited to code that Sponsor will be legally entitled to commercially use and exploit in any fashion at no additional cost to the Sponsor and that will not in any way or in any Sponsor use case: (i) create, or purport to create, obligations of Sponsor with respect to the Sponsor’s programs; or (ii) grant, or purport to grant, to any third party any rights to or immunities under Sponsor’s intellectual property or proprietary rights in Sponsor’s programs. Open Source Software that is under the BSD, MIT, Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY), Microsoft Public License (MS-PL), Python Software Foundation License, or Apache Software License v 2.0 license will be accepted in a Submission (the “Allowable Open Source Licenses”). Other open source software that is covered by licenses that are not in the list of Allowable Open Source Licenses shall not be included in any Submission unless, prior to submission, that particular open source software component’s license and intended use case have been approved in writing by the Sponsor. In addition to the aforementioned requirements related to Open Source Software, all Submissions of Open Source Software must be in material compliance with all terms and conditions of the applicable licenses governing its use (e.g. providing downstream recipients with required copyright attribution, copies of Open Source Licenses, etc.).

    We may provide You, at our sole discretion, computer software, documentation, technical information, technical assistance, testing feedback, training materials, sample code, APIs, software development kits, and other materials, information, software, hardware or services (collectively, “Sponsor Materials”) as part of the event. Sponsor retains all rights, title and interest in any Sponsor Materials, and may suspend or terminate Your access to the Sponsor Materials at any time, without notice. To the extent that we provide You with access to the Sponsor Materials or computer networks, facilities, or software repositories, You agree to use such access only for the event and for no other purpose. You agree not to exceed the scope of access authorized by us to computer networks or facilities. You agree to take reasonable precautions to protect any passwords, badges, or other access credentials granted by us, and agree to report any lost or stolen access credentials or security breach to us immediately.

    We grant You a limited, personal, non-exclusive license, during the term, to use the Sponsor Materials solely to develop and test applications in connection with the event only. You agree not to use the Sponsor Materials for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, any commercial product or service offered, leased, rented, sublicensed or sold to third parties or for Your own production use. You shall not use, copy, modify, distribute, transfer, assign, display or otherwise disclose any Sponsor Materials, except as expressly authorized by us. We may provide certain third party software to You under a separate license (including, but not limited to, certain open source licenses), and any use by You of such third party software is subject to the terms and conditions of such licenses.

    You may, in Your sole discretion, provide us with suggestions or feedback for additions, changes, or improvements to our products or services, including, without limitation, the Sponsor Materials (collectively, “Product Suggestions”). If You provide any Product Suggestion to us, then You agree that as between You and us, we shall exclusively own any use, application, or implementation of such Product Suggestion in our products and services, without restriction or obligation to compensate You.

    Except for the licenses expressly granted herein, each Party retains all right, title, and interest in all copyrights, patents, patent applications, trademarks, trade secrets, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights owned or controlled by such Party before or during the event. No rights or licenses shall be implied or deemed granted by waiver, estoppel, or otherwise.

    The intent of the event is to encourage people to suggest their ideas and innovations to Sponsor. Mere participation in this event does not create an obligation on either Your part or Sponsor’s part to negotiate or enter into any business relationship or to sign any commercial agreement.

    By making a Submission, You represent and warrant that all information in your Submission and all information that You submit via the event Website is true and complete to the best of your knowledge, that You have the right and authority to submit the Submission and disclose the information therein on your own behalf or on behalf of the persons and entities that You specify within the Submission, and that your Submission (both the information and materials submitted in the Submission and the underlying technology/method/idea described in the Submission):
    1. is your own original work and representative of your capability, or is submitted by permission with full and proper credit given within your Submission;
    2. does not contain confidential information or trade secrets (yours or anyone else’s);
    3. does not, to the best of your knowledge, violate or infringe upon the patent rights, industrial design rights, copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity;
    4. does not contain malicious code, such as viruses, malware, timebombs, cancelbots, worms, Trojan horses or other potentially harmful programs or other material or information;
    5. does not and will not violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance, rule, regulation, confidentiality agreement or other agreement; and
    6. does not trigger any reporting or royalty or other obligation to any third party. A breach of any warranty set out in this provision of the Official Rules will result in the corresponding Submission being invalid. In addition, You agree to indemnify Sponsor against all loss, damages and costs, including attorneys’ fees, incurred by the Sponsor arising from your breach of the warranty and to fully cooperate with Sponsor in resolving any allegation, including any legal proceeding, arising from any breach of this warranty.

    1. Judges: Eligible Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges selected by the Sponsor (the “Judges”). Judges may be employees of the Sponsor or they may be external; they may or may not be listed individually on the event Website and may change before or during the event. Judging may take place in one or more rounds with one or more panels of Judges, at the discretion of the Sponsor. Judges will choose teams eligible for each Prize Track to present their Application on stage at the event.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to be eligible for a Prize, Your Team must be present at the event to meet with the Judges and present your Submission.
    2. Criteria: The Judges will score eligible Submissions using the following equally weighted criteria (the “Judging Criteria”):
      1. Quality of the Idea and solution: Includes creativity and originality of the Application idea, usability, design, and intuitiveness.
      2. Potential Value or Benefits: Includes the degree to which the Application provides scale and value.
      3. Ease of implementation: Includes the extent to which the value provided to the end user is realistically achievable with existing technologies within the near term; not vague or overly complex to user, or reliant on a technology
        that is not yet on the market.
      4. Pitch of solution: Includes the clarity and description of the problem addressed, how the Application solves the problem, what technology is used, what sensor and other data is used, and the connection the Application makes to real-world industrial problems.
        The You(s) that are eligible for a prize, and whose Submissions earn the highest overall scores based on the applicable Judging Criteria, will become potential winners of that prize.
    3. Submission Review: Judges are not required to test the Application and may choose to judge based solely
      on the text description and IMAGES provided in the Submission, and in-person demonstration(s)
      of the Application by Your Team.
    4. Tie Breaker: For each prize listed, if two or more Submissions are tied, the tied Submission with the highest score
      in the first applicable criterion listed above will be considered the higher scoring Submission. In the event
      any ties remain,
      this process will be repeated, as needed, by comparing the tied Submissions’ scores on the next applicable criterion.
      If two or more Submissions are tied on all applicable criteria, the panel of Judges will vote on the tied Submissions.

    The Administrator collects personal information from You when You enter the event. Personal data You provide in your Entry in connection with your Entry will be used for purposes described in the Official Rules and used and protected as governed by the Privacy Policy posted on the GE Website at participating in the event You consent to the use of personal information about You. If You are a winner, You consent to the use of your personal information by the Sponsor, Sponsor’s Partners, Administrator, and third parties acting on their behalf. Such personal information includes, but is not limited to, your name, likeness, photograph, voice, opinions, comments and hometown
    and country of residence. It may be used in any existing or newly created media, worldwide without further payment or consideration or right of review, unless prohibited by law. Authorized use includes advertising and promotional purposes. The duration of your consent is for a period of three years following the conclusion of the event. This consent applies, as applicable, to all members of a Your Team or Organization that participated in the winning submission.

    Sponsor does not wish to receive any confidential information and also hereby state that with
    respect to your Submissions, no confidential relationship is established between Sponsor and You, the Organization You represented
    when submitting a Submission, or the owner of any part of your Submission. Sponsor will be under no obligation to supply any confidential information, including without limitation, customer information or data, as part of the event.

    By entering, You (including, in the case of a Team or Organization, all participating members) agree to be bound by the Official Rules and hereby release the Sponsor, Sponsor’s Partners, Administrator, other event sponsors, and their respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies, the prize suppliers and any other organizations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting the event, and all of their respective past and present officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives (hereafter the “Released Parties”)
    Released Parties from and against any and all liability in connection with the prizes or Your participation in the Event, including any injuries, losses, damages, claims, actions and any liability of any kind (including attorneys’ fees) resulting from or arising out of your participation in, association with or submission to the event (including any claims alleging that your Submission infringes, misappropriates or violates any third party’s intellectual property rights). The Released Parties are not responsible for any miscommunications such as technical failures related to computer, telephone, cable, and unavailable network or server connections, related to technical failures, or other failures related to hardware, software or virus, or
    incomplete, late or misdirected submissions. Provided, however, that any liability limitation regarding gross negligence or
    intentional acts, or events of death or body injury shall not be applicable in jurisdictions where such limitation is not legal.

    1. By entering the Event, You (and, if You are entering on behalf of a Team or Organization
      each participating members) agree(s) to the following:
      1. The relationship between You, and the Sponsor and Administrator, is not a confidential, fiduciary,
        or other special relationship.
      2. You will be bound by and comply with these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor,
        Administrator, and/or the Event Judges which are binding and final in all matters
        relating to the Event.
      3. You release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Released Parties from and
        against any and all claims, expenses, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), including
        but not limited to negligence and damages of any kind to persons and property, defamation, slander,
        libel, violation ofright of publicity, infringement of trademark,
        copyright or other intellectual property rights, property damage, or death or personal injury
        arising out of or relating to Your entry, creation of Submission or entry of a Submission, participation in the
        Event, acceptance or use or misuse of the prize (including any travel or activity related thereto) and/or the
        broadcast, transmission, performance, exploitation or use of the Submission as authorized or
        licensed by these Official Rules.
    2. Without limiting the foregoing, the Released Parties shall have no liability in connection with:
      1. ny incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by the Sponsor or Administrator’s
        electronic or printing error, or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or
        utilized in the Event;
      2. technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to malfunctions, interruptions, or
        disconnections in phone lines, internet connectivity or electronic transmission errors, or
        network hardware or software or
        failure of the Event Website;
      3. unauthorized human intervention in any part of the entry process or the Event;
      4. technical or human error which may occur in the administration of the
        Event or the processing of Submissions; or
      5. any injury or damage to persons or property which may be caused, directly or indirectly,
        in whole or in part, from Your participation in the Event or receipt or use or misuse of any prize.
        The Released Parties are not responsible for incomplete, late, misdirected, damaged, lost, illegible, or
        incomprehensible Submissions or foraddress or email address changes. Proof of sending or
        submitting will not be deemed to be proof of receipt by the Sponsor or Administrator.
        If for any reason Your Submission is determined to have not been received
        or been erroneously deleted, lost, or otherwise destroyed or corrupted, Your sole remedy is to request
        the opportunity to resubmit its Submission.
        Such request must be made promptly after the You knows or should have known there was a problem,
        and will be determined at the sole discretion of the Sponsor.

    1. Sponsor and Administrator reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, suspend
      and/or modify the Event, or any part of it, in the event of a technical failure, fraud, or any other
      factor or event that was not anticipated or is not within their control.
    2. Sponsor and Administrator reserve the right in their sole discretion to disqualify any individual
      or You it finds to be actually or presenting the appearance of tampering with the entry process
      or the operation of the
      Event or to be acting in violation of these Official Rules or in a manner that is inappropriate,
      unsportsmanlike, not in the best interests of this Event, or a violation of any applicable law or regulation.
    3. Any attempt by any person to undermine the proper conduct of the Event may be a
      violation of criminal and civil law. Should Sponsor or Administrator suspect that
      such an attempt has been made or is threatened, hey reserve the right to take appropriate
      action including but not tlimited to requiring a You to cooperate with
      an investigation and referral to criminal and civil law enforcement authorities
    4. The terms and conditions of the Official Rules are subject to reasonable changes that
      are necessary or advisable at any time, including the rights or obligations of the You,
      the Sponsor and the Administrator. The Sponsor and Administrator will post the terms and conditions of the
      amended Official Rules on the Event Website. To the fullest extent permitted by law, any amendment
      will become effective at the time specified in the posting of the amended Official Rules or, if no time is specified,
      the time of posting.
    5. If at any time prior to the deadline, a You or prospective You believes that any Official Rule is or may be unclear or ambiguous, they must submit a written request for clarification.
    6. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Official Rules shall not affect the
      validity or enforceability of any other provision.
    7. Excluding Submissions, all intellectual property related to this Event, including but not
      limited to Sponsor Materials, copyrighted material, trademarks, trade-names, logos, designs,
      promotional materials, web pages, source codes, drawings, illustrations, slogans and representations are owned
      or used under license by the Sponsor and/or Administrator. All rights are reserved.
      Unauthorized copying or use of any copyrighted material or intellectual property without the
      express written consent of its owners is strictly prohibited. Any use in a Submission of Sponsor or
      Administrator intellectual property shall be solely to the extent provided for in these Official Rules.
    8. By entering the Event, You waive all rights to seek injunctive or equitable relief, or to claim punitive, incidental or consequential damages, or attorneys’ fees.
    1. Any disputes arising out of Your participation in the Event shall be governed by the laws of India ,
      and will be subject to jurisdiction of Courts at Bangalore, India. Any dispute, controversy, or
      claim relating to this event (a “Dispute”) will be resolved first through arbitration. Such arbitration shall be governed by the
      provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996 or modification to it for the time being in force.
      The venue of arbitration shall be Bangalore, India and the cost of arbitrations will be shared by
      both the Parties in equal proportion unless otherwise decided by the arbitration panel. Either Party shall be entitled
      to apply to the competent courts at Bangalore, India for interim or interlocutory relief in respect of such arbitration. When any Dispute is under arbitration, except for the matters under Dispute the Parties shall continue to exercise their remaining respective rights and fulfil their remaining respective
      obligations under the Agreements during the pendency of the arbitration proceedings..
    2. You specifically acknowledge that You accept the practices and policies outlined in these Official Rules
      and in the Privacy Policy for the Event Website and consent to having your data transferred to and
      processed in the United States and in other countries as needed for Sponsor’s and
      Administrator’s business purposes.
    3. GE SHALL NOT ENTERTAIN or BE HELD responsible for any dispute arising regarding
      the Event provided for in these Official Rules.
    4. By entering the Event, You waive all rights to seek injunctive or equitable relief, or to claim punitive, incidental or consequential damages, or attorneys’ fees.


    If you are currently pursuing your bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Information Technology or Bio Medical, currently in your 4th year / 7th semester, then you are welcome to apply for this challenge. If you are from any other branch of Engineering and are keen about software development, then you too are welcome to participate.
    This is a very hands-on event. Bring your laptops, mobile phones, wearable computing devices, and whatever might inspire you… but above all, your energy and your brain! Don’t worry if you forget something, there will be tons of stuff to do.

    We are creating an environment that embraces new ideas and technology solutions for the healthcare industry. A place where technology designers and developers can come to help the industry, and a safe zone for GEHC teams to geek out without having to worry about failure or affecting a company’s bottom line. We know it takes longer than a weekend to build great solutions, but this is ample time to form teams of good people and begin creating great solutions.
    You will need to register for the event by forming teams of 3 members from your college / institute.
    The details are published on the website. The top 3 winning teams would get cash prizes as stated below:
    • 1st Prize : INR 2,00,000 (per team)
    • 2nd Prize : INR 1,00,000 (per team)
    • 3rd Prize : INR 50,000 (per team)
    Please refer to the Terms & Conditions tab.

    Yes, for students coming from outside Bangalore, will be reimbursed for their travel expense, upto a certain limit that would be communicated to the teams individually, based on their base location.
    Sign up on the Registrations link at
    The winning team will be decided by a panel / jury made up of industry professionals and experts from GE Healthcare Digital Technology.
    The jury would analyse and evaluate all works submitted by the team according to the following criteria:
    1. Quality of the Submission Idea and Solution
      • Includes creativity and originality of the application idea, usability, design, and intuitiveness.
    2. Potential Value or Benefits
      • Includes the degree to which the submission solution provides value and is globally scalable.
    3. Ease of implementation
      • Includes the extent to which the value provided to the end user is realistically achievable with existing technologies within the near term; not vague or overly complex to user, or reliant on a technology that is not yet on the market.
    4. Pitch of the solution
      • Includes the clarity and description of the problem addressed, how the solution solves the problem, what technology is used, what services are leveraged, what sensor and other data is used, and the connection the solution
        makes to real-world healthcare problems.
    • Registration process: 5th – 26th July 2019
    • Last date for submission of Proposals: 11th August 2019
    • Announcement of Top 10 Finalists: 30th August 2019
    • Hackathon Finals: 19th – 20th September 2019
    Please refer to the Terms & Conditions tab.
    Yes, you will be provided food and beverages throughout the duration of the Finals to be held on 19th & 20th September 2019. You can also bring your own food and beverages if you prefer. However, alcohol and drug abuse will not be tolerated and may lead to withdrawal of entire team from the event.
    • Free wi-fi access
    • Two-day food and beverages & accommodation for ex-Bangalore participants
    • Development environment for developing & deploying your solutions

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