The Giraffe Spot PT Lite Phototherapy System provides intensive phototherapy for infants in incubators, warmers, and bassinets.   

We designed the Giraffe Spot PT Lite to be:   

It provides high intensity, natural white light with a long-lasting metal halide bulb. These bulbs are cooler than traditional spotlights, which helps reduce the risk of thermal stress on your patients.

You can use it both in the NICU and in the well baby nursery.

The compact, lightweight box allows you to easily move it from place to place.

You can position the flexible light pipe to focus the light exactly where you need it.    

Giraffe Spot PT Lite product with baby


The Giraffe Spot PT Lite meets the 2004 AAP guidelines for high intensity phototherapy and also offers: 

  • Light that can be focused where it’s needed
    • A flexible lightpipe lets you focus the therapeutic light just where it needs to be, which minimizes exposure to infants in neighboring beds.
  • Therapeutic light without excessive heat
    • The bulb is in the box – not near baby – minimizing heat generation around your patient.
  • A clear view
    • The design allows you and your patient’s family an unobstructed view of baby.
  • Soothing white light
    • The white light is more therapeutic for your patient and friendlier for you than traditional blue lights are.
  • Flexibility
    • You can choose from bed-mounted units that help you conserve space in all care areas or roll stand-mounted units that provide added flexibility.     


The technology behind the Giraffe Spot PT Lite offers an innovative phototherapy solution.

  • It provides 57.6 µW/cm2/nm (+/- 25%) light output at 15 inches from the newborn
  • It is compact and lightweight, yet powerful and effective
  • It is equipped with a long-lasting metal halide bulb       


The Giraffe Spot PT Lite specifications include: 

  • Unit Size: 18cm W x 1.3m H x 13cm D (vertical box and light pipe)
  • Unit Weight: 4.8 Kg 
  • Spectral Irradiance: 57.6 uW/cm2/nm +/- 25% (after a 5 min warm-up time and 38 cm from the lens to the center of the spot with a new unit and new bulb, measured by a BiliBlanket Lightmeter II with 420-480 nm range) 
  • Bulb type: Metal halide 50 watts
  • Nominal bulb life: 2500 hours
  • Noise level: <60 dBA (measured 35.5 in (90cm) from the unit)
  • Mode of Operation: Continuous       



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